7 Ways To Brag About Your Used Car



There’s little doubt that one of the most exciting parts of buying a new car – apart from taking it out for a spin for the first time – is getting to brag about your newest toy. Whether it’s forcing your family to take unnecessary drives around the block or repeatedly washing it in front of the neighbors, bragging about a new car is fun.

Unfortunately, not every car out there is one you’d want to brag about getting – especially if you can only afford a used vehicle. Unless you find yourself coming home with Lexington, KY used cars, you’re likely not going to want to spread the word about your used vehicle – especially if that vehicle is nothing to write home about.

That’s why we thought it would be helpful to compile a quick list of the best ways to brag about your used vehicle to your friends and family. Everybody deserves to show a little pride in their recently purchased vehicle, no matter the condition, and with these guidelines you’ll be able to proudly proclaim your new machine to from the rooftops with ease. Take a look, and before you know it you’ll want to tell everybody about how happy you are with your new used car.


Mention Your Mileage




On most used and heavily used vehicles in used car lots today, the odometer can be a fickle friend. While having high mileage can be detrimental to a car’s longevity, it can also speak volumes about the car’s ability to last for the long haul.

That’s why it’s okay to brag about your used car;s super high mileage, and to be proud that it’s only going up from here. Rather than seeing this as a marker of the vehicle’s age, look at a high odometer as a great battle scar, reflecting all the triumphs and trials that your used vehicle has faced and come away from unscathed. This, more than almost any other feature, is what gives a trusted old car its main source of pride.

Of course, depending on where you buy your used vehicle and what condition it’s in, it’s possible that your model’s mileage will be exceptionally low for its age – that being, it has traveled far fewer miles than one might expect from a car with as many years behind it. This, too, can be a bragging point, as your car is nearer to “like new” thank its siblings on the road, and likely to outlast them all because of its high-quality condition. Don’t be afraid to throw around what a great deal you got on a low mileage model the next time you and the neighbors are talking shop in the driveway.




mod chevy


One of the benefits of buying used vehicles, especially ones that are regularly modified like Jeeps or Chevys, is that you can often find a model with costly upgrades and accessories already included for a fraction of the price. Whether these parts are already added on when you purchase the car or, with the money you’ve saved by buying used, you decide to add your own after the fact, having a used vehicle with expensive upgrades already added can be a serious selling point down the road – not to mention making you happier with your new vehicle.

If you’re looking for something tangible to show off to the Joneses on your next used vehicle, look for the models with a lot of added mods and accessories.


Survivors Stories




They say no story on the high seas beats that of a good shipwreck, told by the survivors; likewise, few car stories beat that of a vehicle that’s faced a past accident and lived to tell the tale. If you find yourself considering a used vehicle that has a long history of accidents, it’s worthwhile to be wary of future problems – but will also almost certainly come with a good story as well.


Architectural Changes




In many cases, as in Jeeps and some old Chevy models, the basic architecture that underpins the whole system has changed over the years – sometimes drastically. In some cases, as with the Jeep switchover from the TJ model to the YJ model, fierce loyalties are created between the newcomers and the old guard. If you’re looking to join in on the conversation from the more traditional standpoint, check out a used vehicle that utilizes an architectural system that’s no longer used. You’ll be reveling in the heated debate in no time.


Plenty Of Choices




When shopping for a used car, you may find that you’ve got a far wider choice of options that are no longer built – meaning, in many cases, you can find a vehicle that will be hard to find in just a few years. While it’s no guarantee, it’s possible that by holding onto a rare car years beyond its production date you might just make the proud owner of a desirable, hard-to-find model.

Shopping for used cars might also mean that it’s easier to find special editions at lower prices than otherwise listed – meaning you’ll be able to make out big on a hard-to-find or specially-upgraded model. If you spot one of these special vehicles on a used lot, you could be looking at the next best thing to happen to your garage and wallet at the same time.


Money Saved


car made from dollar


Finally, and most importantly, the new owner of a used vehicle can brag to just about anybody about the cash you’ve been able to save by buying used. Whether it’s on the insurance you’ll need, on financing to pay for your new model, or simply the cost you’ll be saving on depreciation in the long run, you’ll be proudly telling everybody just how much money you kept in your pocket, rather than spent on a slightly newer model.

Of course, saving money is the main reason most people turn to used cars, and some see a low price tag as a sign that a vehicle is no good. This is not the case, however, as car prices are determined by age and availability in a way that a great used car can come at a great price – all at your benefit.

As you can see, the glory that comes with bragging over your recent vehicle purchase is not reserved exclusively for buyers of brand new models. Used car buyers can also bask in the attention that comes with a car, no matter the age or condition. Keep these basic points in mind and consider the strengths of your vehicle rather than its weaknesses. With a little happy thinking and a good frame of mind, you can brag and brag about your used vehicle for years to come.