2016 Camaro: Start Building Yours

September 1st, 2015 by

If you identify with the horde of other Camaro fans and you are ever so patiently waiting for the new 2016 Camaro to be released, well….keep waiting.  Its just not quite ready.  Even Lexington Chevrolet dealers don’t have them yet.

But Wait!  Chevy is satiating your appetite with a starter.  Currently, you can go to Chevy’s website and start building your very own 2016 Camaro.  Focusing on aesthetics and superficial items like paint color, interior treatments, wheel options and some stripe packages are about all Chevy is willing to offer to this very excited audience as of now.  

It seems that playing hard to get is a favorite pastime of Chevy’s.  Ahem, Chevy, we’ve been down this road with you before.  It’s a bit late to be so coy, isn’t it?  


Chevy has outlined for us, the trim levels: 1LT, 2LT, 1SS and …you guessed it, 2SS.  From what we already know about the SS, it will come with a V8, but what we don’t know is what the engine will look like in the other trim levels.  Offering both a Turbo and V6, will these be brand specific?  

Powertrain Lineup

The 2.0L Turbocharged engine will give you 275 horsepower and 295 lb/ft of torque which may be quite enough for the novice Camaro driver, but waiting as patiently as you have been you’re going to want something a little more powerful.  The 3.6L V6 provides plenty of punch with 335 horsies and 284 lb/ft of torque.  

Using Direct Injection and Variable Valve Timing on an 8 speed automatic with Active Fuel Management takes this experience to another level.  Should you feel like this Camaro just isn’t bitchin’ enough, the top drawer V8 should suffice.  At 6.2L with both horsepower and torque coming in at 455, the highly reputable LT1 V8 small block engine brings to life the most powerful Camaro SS ever.  

Drop Top

The 2016 will now offer a convertible coupe with a drop top that won’t make you stop the car to lower it.  Using the new electronic key fob, the non-stop drop top will allow you to lower your top at top speeds of 30 mph.  See the sun starting to peek through those clouds, all it takes is the push of a button and you’re on your way to feeling that sunshine and open sky above you.  

Drive Modes

With a variety of drive modes offered on the 2016 Camaro, there won’t be a seasoned route, weathered highway or back road that will be too much.  Sport, Tour, Ice/Snow, alter traction control, ride stiffness, shift feel, throttle, exhaust and steering offer individually distinctive driving experiences.  


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