2016 Chevrolet Silverado: What We Know So Far

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The 2016 Chevrolet Silverado has been making headlines with some news peeking through the cracks.  Not only is it going to be getting a front end makeover, the transmission is getting updated to an 8 speed and the technology will now carry Android Auto as well as Apple’s CarPlay.

Chevrolet dealers in Lexington, KY know the last time the Silverado got a makeover was in 2014.  That actually wasn’t too long ago, really.  Some manufacturers wait longer than that to redesign their top sellers.  What we know is the 2016 Silverado definitely went under the knife.  We’ve seen some pictures and from what we know already, we like it.

People Are Talking 

Though most of the changes appear to be on the exterior of the truck, they are very noticeable.  With anything that resonates so deeply into a culture like the Chevy pickup truck does, there are going to be differentiating opinions about the changes made.  Some are good, others are quite critical.

As the saying goes, any news is good news because it means people are talking about the 2016 Chevy Silverado.  Further it also means people care enough to not only talk to each other, but express their opinions openly.  Numerous websites and forums devoted to GM and Chevy trucks have spent a lot of time reacting to the 2016 Silverado.

Why Change What’s Already Good?

Chevy’s Silverado is GM’s best selling vehicle. So it begs the question, why the need for an updated look?  I mean, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Well no, not according to Chevy anyway.  In a desire to build on last years full size pickup sales, they’re keeping the momentum up with aggressive new tactics to entice buyers.  Basically, they’re responding to competition.

It is not the time for Chevy to be resting on their laurels.   

In the world of pickup trucks, competition is fierce.  To quote the high school football coach from Dazed and Confused ‘OTSS’ – only the strong survive.  (By the way, remember some of the amazing Chevy pickups in that movie?  How much fun were 1970’s Chevy pickups?)

Even though GM’s sales are sufficiently up, so are the competitors.  Now more than ever it is important to keep that edge.

What’s Changed?

Chevy Smile

Definitely most noticeable on any Chevy pick up is its front grill or, it’s smile. Chevy has always had an enormous smile.  As definitive as their bowtie, their smile is their trademark.

That being said, the 2016 Silverado’s front grill is entirely remodeled.  No smaller, just less shiny.  Like a teenager who just got their braces taken off, they smile bigger to show off the goods, not the metal and that’s what the 2016 Silverado has done.

The chrome front is gone.  No more blinding shine.  An all black grill is separated by a body colored horizontal strip that stretches across the entire width of the grill, including separating the headlights.

RIP Stacked Headlights

The headlights have also changed.  No longer stacked on top of each other which has been a prominent feature on the Silverado since the 1980’s, the headlights will just have one pair.

A smaller strip of stylized LED lights will illuminate under the headlights and highlight the body colored horizontal strip stretching across the girll.  This new look is both bold and dramatic.

Chevy has been stacking their headlights for over 30 years now, but it will remain a form of nostalgia.  These new LED lights will be part of redefining the new Silverado.  Out with old…

Front End

2016 silverado grill

The hood is no longer flat but actually quite sculpted.   Angled lines that cut down the length of the hood but prop the center up add a unique change.

The bumper also received an updated look that appears more modern.  The chrome is limited to very small portions on the front beneath the fog lights.  The overall feel of the front end is suppose to inspire strength and masculinity.  However, it is rumored that Chevy will be offering 5 different versions of the front end alone, the 2016 Silverado will have plenty of different choices for the customer to chose from.

The changes in the front end are to showcase strength and refinement.  The 2016 Silverado has dispensed with the flash and returns to what makes the GM pickups great: solid strength built on a reputation of dependability and reliability.


The exterior is not the only part of the newly updated 2016 Silverado.  Technology has also been updated with new customer focus.

New onto the market and seeing how popular they’ve become, Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay arrived onto the scene this 2015 year.  Meant to encourage hands free cell phone use, Android Auto and CarPlay both connect to either carrier you currently have.

The new Silverado will offer both Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay.  What is interesting is that it didn’t take allegiance to either Android or Apple.  GM went with both making it compatible for whichever carrier the driver uses.

A newer version of MyLink will be updated and downloaded onto the 2016 Silverado.  MyLink is Chevy’s on board infotainment system.

8 Speed Transmission

8 speed transmission

Currently the 8 speed transmission is offered on the 2015 Silverado as an upgraded option available only on 6.2L V8 engines.  The new 8 speed transmission will now be available to 2016 Silverado models that have a 5.3L V8 engine.

The 8 speed transmission is bigger than the 6 speed transmission currently on all GM pickups.  It provides a higher first gear ratio which aids in more confidence when accelerating with heavy loads.  It also has a lower rear axle ratios that reduces engine rpms when on the highway increasing highway fuel economy.

Reportedly weighing the same as a 6 speed, its presumed that the lack of difference in weight along with its change in rpms will really improve the Silverado’s fuel economy.

For the fourth quarter, it was a goal of GM’s to produce a pickup that was better on fuel economy. The 2016 Silverado makes it look promising.


Because profits from pick ups are so high, it is no question that that’s where GM makes their money.  GM’s pickup sales are already up 15% in just the first half of the year.

Since the introduction of the Silverado 1500 in the spring of 2013, Chevy’s Silverado sales have grown by more than 10% each year.  Just this year it has been the fastest growing full size pick in sales.  However, it still hasn’t beaten Ford where it counts.

The Ford F-series is currently the best selling full size truck.  Even though Ford’s sales are down from last year, it still is in the number one position.  GM follows with the next best Silverado and Sienna.

Most recently Ford redesigned their F-150 choosing an aluminum frame consequently dropping 700 lbs.  GM is keeping their steel frame and choosing to point out in a new advertising campaign that Chevy trucks are still made with steel; solid strength, unlike their competitor.

Right now, GM is building on their reputation of reliability and dependability.  The 2016 Silverado is an example of how to stay current and to keep challenging your best.

While it is rumored that this is update is coincidental to Ford’s decline in sales as well as their choice for aluminum frame, GM doesn’t need Ford’s help in proving they make quality pickups.  The time for change and progress is always now.

Progression only happens through consistent change and GM knows that the time is not now, nor ever, to be resting.    



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