3 Reasons to Buy a New Car For Your Teen

March 24th, 2016 by

Teen Driving Lexington KYMany parents opt for a cheap used car for their teen thinking they’re just going to ding them anyway, so why invest in a new vehicle? In actuality, there are countless arguments for buying first-time drivers a newer vehicle, including the fact that safety should be the parent’s first priority.

New Cars are Safer

Older cars are safe, but they’re safe in a much different way. Past designs focused on passive safety features like seatbelts and airbags, all of which are crucial components in any vehicle, but they stopped there.

Newer cars, by contrast, have seen a shift toward active safety measures, which include technology such as an anti-lock braking systems, electronic stability control, brake assist, lower interior noise levels, adaptive cruise control, and blind-spot monitoring. When teens are learning to drive, extra safety measures are essential. Autonomous emergency braking, for instance, is such a revolutionary technology that it may end up being compulsory on all future cars just as anti-lock braking has been.

An abundance of active safety technology can’t prevent all accidents, but having a vehicle equipped with the best safety features will ensure your teenager is safer than without it.

Newer Vehicles Give You More Control

The latest technologies have put more control over a teen’s driving in the parent’s hands. For instance, many new models feature technologies that allow you to track the car’s location and even set limits on the car’s speed. One of the latest technologies to emerge limits the volume of the car’s audio system, reducing distracted driving. Not all of these features are built into every newer model, but they’re becoming more widely available, even on affordably priced vehicles.

While it’s nice being in control of your child’s car as a parent, a newer car gives your teen more control over his or her own driving experience. Steering-wheel mounted buttons for taking calls or changing the radio station help reduce distracted driving. Voice-activated technology like Bluetooth phone connectivity allows the driver to listen and respond to text messages without taking their eyes off the road. Providing your teen with hands-free communication while driving is key in the modern world.

Better Loan and Warranty Terms

Buying a used car will almost always save you money over buying new, but if your teenager will be making his or her own monthly car payments, you may want to consider the benefits new-car loans have to offer. New vehicles are more likely to fall under a dealership special and come with lower interest rates. They’ll also come with comprehensive warranties that could cover fledgling driver mishaps.

Many automakers even offer student discounts, such as Chevy’s College Discount Program. The savings may not add up to more than what you’d save on a much older vehicle, but considering the bang you’ll get for your buck, opting for a new vehicle for a teenager is usually the smarter option.

No matter which type of vehicle you choose, focusing on the above must-haves will ensure you’re getting a safe, reliable vehicle for your teen.

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