3 Top Rated Used Compact Cars

September 21st, 2015 by

2014 Chevrolet Spark

Traditionally, people who are interested in a compact car are looking for two things: low cost and fuel efficiency.

In today’s economy, people are looking for ways to save money any way they can. One way to do that is downsizing your vehicle.  A compact car is a great way to save money on initial costs, fuel, and annual expenses.  

Budget Friendly Consumers

If you are someone who drives solo, is on a budget and needs a vehicle to get to and from work and around down, but doesn’t require all the distractions of extra bells and whistles that come with high end luxury cars, a compact car will be perfect for you.  

When the average buyer spends a median of $34,000 on a new vehicle, it is refreshing to see that used cars dealerships Lexington KY offer options for the budget friendly consumer.  

2013 Chevy Spark

2013 Spark red

Having only been part of Chevy’s lineup for three model years, the Chevy Spark has already found its audience.  With its bright exterior colors and compact body, the interior feels surprisingly anything but that.  It has a bigger personality than one would expect for a compact car and fits in well in urban environments, narrow alleys and compact parking spaces.  As a 2013 model, it will feature the very latest in safety technology.

The Chevy Spark has an impressive fuel economy with 28 mpg city driving and 37 highway driving.  Smart consumers will be able to find a used 2013 for between $9,000 – $12,000.  

2012 Hyundai Accent

2012 accent

When Hyundai fully redesigned the Accent in 2012, they were designing it specifically to take over this segment.  Aesthetically inspired by the Elantra and Sonata, the Accent comes available either in a four door sedan or hatchback.  Both feel large enough to carry a full load of passengers.  With some of the quickest acceleration in its class, the Accent offers 138 horsepower running on 4 cylinders.  Getting the same EPA estimates of fuel economy as the Chevy Spark, the Hyundai Accent offers 28 city mpg and 37 highway mpg.

Bargain hunters will be pleased to see this Hyundai is offered between $7,000 and $11,000.  Low mileage Accents, though they’ll be hard to find, may price a bit higher but shouldn’t be more than $12,000.

2013 Chevy Sonic

2013 Sonic

As the usual top rated pick for subcompact cars, the Sonic has enjoyed its time at the top and it’s well deserved it.  The Sonic has a winning combination of power, fuel efficiency, comfort and price.  Its top rated safety scores and turbocharged engine makes it super fun to drive while super safe as well.  All models for the 2013 year get bluetooth connectivity along with the option of Chevy’s infotainment system, myLink.  

Offering just a little bit less on fuel efficiency than the Spark or Accent, the Sonic pulls in 26 city mpgs and 35 highway, which are still great numbers, especially when considering that you’re likely to not pay over $13,000 for a 2013 used model.