3 Unique Tours of the Lexington Area

September 1st, 2016 by

things to do in Lexington, KYLexington, Kentucky, is known as the Horse Capital of the World, but while it’s the place to be to see magnificent horses, the animals aren’t the only attractions the city has to offer. To help narrow down such a gigantic place, here are three tours that focus on food, history, and horses to help you get around.

Bleu Plate Tours

Downtown Lexington holds a myriad of eateries that can cause even the most decisive of consumers to pause. Luckily, the Bleu Plate Tours are there to save the day. This tour takes you to Lexington’s most popular local restaurants. At this time, only the Heart of Lexington Tour is available. This tour takes you through the urban Main Street, Short Street, Limestone Street, and historic district’s Cheapside and Gratz Park areas.

This tour not only introduces you to restaurants and their magnificent food, but allows you to meet local chefs, learn about Lexington history, and explore with locals who are experts on the local food scene. Currently, tours are offered Saturday mornings at 10, starting September 10th and continuing through October 29th.

Cycling Tours

Eating isn’t the only way to make your way through Lexington. If you want a more historically-focused adventure through the city, you can take a bicycle tour of Historic Lexington. Created by the Blue Grass Trust for Historic Preservation, these tours follow a map numbered with over 30 stops and accompanied by markers about each stop.

The complete tour is about 11 miles long. You start at the Hunt-Morgan House in the Gratz Park Historic District and end on New Street where there are multiple amazing historic houses to be seen. The map includes shortcuts, but do be advised that not all historic sites could be included in the tour. So, for the hardcore history enthusiasts, off-map exploring is recommended so as not to miss any hidden gems.

“Big Lex” Scavenger Hunt

If you want a more interactive adventure through Lexington with the chance of a reward at the end, the “Big Lex” Scavenger Hunt may be your cup of tea. A famous horse from the 1800’s named “Big Lex” is the root of this scavenger hunt. The Bluegrass Region of Kentucky is said to have blue tinted grass in the early spring. This effect is thought to be caused by limestone shelves which act as filters for water, and thus fortified, the grass then sustains extremely healthy horses. This is where the blue horse legend comes from. “Big Lex” is a horse blue from growing up feeding from this grass. On this scavenger hunt, if you go to ten specific sites linked to the legend and take pictures of yourself while holding “Big Lex,” you’ll earn a special prize. Just don’t forget to email all the images when you’re finished to biglex@visitlex.com along with your name and mailing address.

Lexington is a cultural and historical minefield with many ways to make your way through the city. So don’t get overwhelmed. Find your perfect tour through the city and have a blast adventuring through the streets.