4 Awesome Places to Catch a Kentucky Wildcats Game

January 12th, 2017 by

Kentucky Wildcats Lexington, KYThe University of Kentucky Wildcats is the team to watch if you’re looking for excitement and entertainment. Sports fans across the country are tuning in to catch their games. Finding a good place to watch the game is a big deal for a lot of sports fans like you. If you don’t want to watch at home, then here are five awesome places to catch a Kentucky Wildcats Game.

Winchell’s Restaurant & Bar

For a great night out while catching the game, go to Winchell’s Restaurant & Bar in Lexington. It was voted one of the best sports bars in the city, and the staff make it easy to sit and watch the game. It’s located at 348 Southland Drive. Winchell’s takes reservations, so you can be sure that you’ll get a good seat for the game. It’s open late if you want to stay up for the after party and some great food. Winchell’s offers a wide range of bar favorites for both food and drink offerings. The bar staff can make nearly any drink that you can think of, and there’s always something good that you’ll come back to try.

Shamrock Bar & Grille

Another great place to catch the Wildcats game is Shamrock Bar & Grille on Patchen Drive. Shamrock Bar & Grille recently changed its menu to include all new items that you and your family can enjoy. It’s been around since 1993 and consistently ranks in the top sports bars in the city. With exceptional food, atmosphere, and space for tv’s, Shamrock Bar & Grille is a great place for you to catch the next Wildcats game.

Pazzo’s Pizza Pub

If you’re looking for something different, try Pazzo’s Pizza Pub on Limestone. Pazzo’s is well-known for its pizza and a wide assortment of beers. If you want more than pizza, Pazzo’s is continually adding to its menu options while keeping the reliable foods that you like. A new menu update will be available soon, as they are getting ready to roll out new options for the new year. There are plenty of screens to watch on, so every seat is a good seat.

The Beer Trappe

A close friend of Pazzo’s, the Beer Trappe provides a friendly, comfortable, and relaxed atmosphere to watch the Wildcats game. It has exceptional reviews from current and former patrons, and continues to be many people’s favorite hangout for beer and sports. The Beer Trappe also sells products needed for home brewing, so you can create your own variation on your favorite beers. It even has a beer school to teach you the art and science of crafting beer. It’s located on Euclid Avenue in Lexington.

There are plenty of places in Lexington, KY, where you can get great food and a drink. There are places to catch the Wildcats game too. These places offer the best combination of both food and viewing experiences. Bring your friends to one of these four awesome places to catch the Wildcats game. It will be a great experience for everyone that you’ll want to repeat for every game.