4 Buick Vehicles Made for Families

July 7th, 2016 by

Buick models for families Paris, KYWhen buying the ideal vehicle for your family, safety features and ratings are probably high priorities. However, don’t let those be the only qualifications. A great family vehicle should entertain passengers of all ages and have convenience features that improve the driver’s ability to focus on the road, all at a reasonable price. Fortunately, this means that several Buicks make excellent family vehicles, and we’ve collected a brief list of the top contenders.

2016 Enclave

Buick’s super-safe three-row crossover can seat either seven or eight, and includes plenty of comfort features that add to its value. The base model includes three-zone climate control and the rear-view camera comes with park assist. The park assist alerts drivers by beeping when the driver gets too close to objects. Strong LED headlights are also standard to improve the driver’s vision. A 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot allows the Enclave to maintain a connection for multiple devices, which makes it easy to watch videos, double-check on road trip plans, and more.

2016 Verano

If three rows are too many, the mid-sized Verano has plenty of leg room in the front and back, perfect for smaller families with older children. The cargo space is a solid 14.3 cubic feet, competitive in its class. The interior is heavily soundproofed, making it easier to have a chat or play the radio without disruptions from outside. Best of all, the Verano features the 1SV as its base trim level, more affordable than the “base” level, which is now the second from the lowest. The Verano’s powertrain at base is well-mannered and focused on secure handling rather than thrills.

2015 Verano

If you want an especially affordable Buick vehicle, look no further than the 2015 Verano 1SV. The extra-affordable 1SV trim level was added in 2015, applying to multiple models. With the Verano as the most affordable vehicle in the Buick lineup, this means you get a recent model with a remarkably low starting price compared with similar Verano models from 2014, and with new features. The 2.4-liter inline-4 on the 1SV is the same engine as on all other trim levels but the Premium Turbo Group, offering 180 horsepower just like the 2016 model.

2015 Regal

While the mid-sized, AWD Regal has always been slightly more than the Verano in starting MSRP, much of the difference comes from engines that pay off in the long run. The 2015 Regal’s base fuel economy is 19/31 city/highway miles per gallon. For drivers truly focused on saving fuel, the optional eAssist light hybrid Regal is nearly the same price, but bumps the fuel economy to 25/36 city/highway mpg.

As you can see, we organized these vehicles mainly by starting price, but a close look reveals them all to be a good deal. It depends what your family needs, and you don’t have to make sacrifices. With Buick you get it all, so feel free to contact or visit us if you’d like to test drive models or learn more. We at Dan Cummings Chevrolet Buick would be proud to provide your ideal family vehicle, all at a good price and with no hassle.

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