5 Attributes that Make the Chevy Silverado the Best Truck

January 5th, 2017 by

2017 Chevy Silverado Lexington, KYThe Chevy Silverado is considered to be one of the best trucks on the road by many truck drivers. It has a wide range of features that make it a customer favorite. If you are looking for a new truck, here are five attributes that make the Chevy Silverado the best truck.

Outperform Other Trucks

One of the most important factors in choosing a truck is its ability to transport loads. The Chevy Silverado has a large flatbed for carrying smaller loads and it outperforms other models with its towing capacity. Despite its smaller 6.2L EcoTec3 engine, the Chevy Silverado can produce 460lb/f of torque, which allows it to tow up to 12,500lbs. With that level of power, there are few things that the Silverado would struggle to pull.

Go Off-roading With the Z71 Package

Chevy understands the desire to get off of the pavement and head onto the backroads. You can get the Chevy Silverado with the Z71 Off-road package that includes features that few other models can compete with. Special terrain control systems, reinforced shocks, and durable tires allow the Silverado to handle any terrain that you would take it through.

Drive With Enhanced Safety Features

While the Chevy Silverado is built to work hard, it is also a family vehicle. Chevy includes a variety of safety features to keep all passengers safe. Repositioned airbags and reinforced frames protect passengers in case of an accident. The safety and alert sensor systems help prevent accidents. The Chevy Silverado comes equipped with low-speed braking and parking assist systems, as well as hazard warning systems to keep drivers alert and out of harm’s way.

Experience Exceptional Designs

Chevy understands the needs and wants of its customers. That is why Chevy is able to offer a range of Silverado configurations to satisfy customers. The Silverado is available in at least seven configurations outfitted with a variety of technologies for different focuses.

The Work Truck configuration is designed for those needing a truck for toughest jobs, but still want the luxury features that make it an enjoyable all around vehicle. Alternatively, the High Country configuration is designed for handling rugged conditions in style. Finding a Silverado configuration for you should be easy. If you can’t find the one for you, then you can work with Chevy to design your own. Chevy will work with you to develop a Silverado that meets your exact needs.

Get Advanced Technologies for the Whole Family

Aside from the safety packages, Chevy Silverados offer new technologies to make your driving experience better for the whole family. One of the most interesting features is the teen driver package that includes different technologies to improve the safety of teen drivers. The teen driver technology changes how key systems work like dimming the audio until seat belts are fastened and enabling advanced safety features. The Chevy Silverado can even measure your teen driver’s performance and report back to you.

The Chevy Silverado gives drivers the features that they want with the reliability that they need. Truck drivers consistently choose the Silverado over other options for its reliability, style, and added value. If you are in need of a new truck, consider getting a Chevy Silverado.