5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Lexington, KY

October 6th, 2016 by

Halloween in Lexington, KYHalloween is a great time of year no matter how old you are. If you live the Lexington, KY, area or just visiting during the end of the fall season, there are plenty of activities for celebrating Halloween. Here are some of the fun ways to spend your fright night.


The Lexington Convention Center holds the annual ScareFest event. This is the largest Horror convention in the US with three days of entertainment, scares, and guests. It runs from September 30 through October 2nd and you can buy tickets for all three days or just one. They even offer discounted tickets for kids between the ages od 11 and 17 so they can go too. Some of the events include a costume ball, a ghost tour, seances, magic shows, and performances each night. This year there is even a costume contest for the kids and a Pokemon contest.

Go to Wicked World Scare Grounds

Starting September 23rd, the grounds at 5817 Tates Creek Road turn into the scare grounds. Head here to find three different haunted areas including the Nightmare Haunted House, Terror on Tates Creek, and Quarantine. Buy tickets for just one haunt or visit all three if you dare.

Visit Walker Farm and Go on the Zombie Paintball Hayride

Walker Farm on Haley Road turns into a haunted entertainment venue in September. Starting on September 23rd, there are three different haunted attractions on Friday nights including a haunted hayride. The Zombie Paintball Harrie allows you to terrorize the monsters as you shoot them with paintballs. The customized trailer has paintball guns mounted on each seat so you can defend yourself and kill the zombies as they try to get you.

Go On a Ghost Walk

Visit the historic home of the Clay family in Richmond, KY, and hear about the old family tales. Many people believe that this area is haunted, and this is when you can go see for yourself. This is a theater production and is not meant to scare so it is a fun activity for the family, and it is recommended for kids ages 12 and older. Tours of the home start at 7:00 PM and there are nine performances each night.

Fright Nights at Jacobson Park

Jacobson Park turns into a haunted attraction during the Halloween season. There are three different haunts to visit if you dare. These include Entrapment where you have to find your way in complete darkness, 13 Doors where you need to open each door to get out, and Dark Forest where you need to escape from the Willow family. There are over 40 acres of scares here and it is different every year so no one knows what to expect. Each attraction has a story behind it, and each one is scarier than the next.

Whether you like to spend your Halloween screaming in fear or learning about local ghosts, there is something for everyone in the Lexington area. There is also the traditional trick-or-treating for the kids so they can get their candy and show off their costumes.