5 Library Services You Should Start Using

October 13th, 2016 by

library services Lexington, KYThe Bourbon Library in Paris, KY, is a wonderful source of information. Along with the traditional books and periodicals, they have for their patrons to borrow, they also offer many other services for people of all ages. Here are some of the library services you should start using.

Check out the Night Sky

The library recently purchased a state-of-the-art telescope. Traditional Bank donated the funds needed to get it, and it is now available for use. The purpose behind the telescope is to offer library programs for teens centered around astronomy as well as offering it to local science teachers to use as a teaching tool. In order to use the telescope, you need to schedule a time at least a month in advance. Take a look through the scope to see nearby planets, some of the features on the surface of the moon, and some globular clusters.

Senior Activities

The library offers a variety of services and entertainment geared toward seniors. The last Tuesday of every month is movie day where they show a free movie in the community room. They even serve free popcorn and drinks. For those seniors who like to get moving, the library offers a special time for playing the Wii video game console. Join other seniors to laugh and play games on Friday mornings.

MP3 Player Loan Program

If you want to listen to digital music but don’t have your own player, then you can take advantage of the library’s MP3 player loan program. They have several Zen Mosaic MP3 players that you can borrow for a two-week time period. Renew it up to two times as long as another patron is not waiting for one. When you check an MP3 player out, you need to fill out a form assuming responsibility for the device and present a photo id.

Teen Clubs

Teenagers can enjoy some time at the library too. They have several clubs geared toward teens with many different interests in mind. The Teen Tabletop program offers a time when they can come in and play board games with their friends. The kids can choose from a large selection of games and relax for the afternoon. For the kids whose interests lie in anime, the anime club meets once a week. Here they can watch their favorite episodes and talk about it with other fans.

Outdoor Movie Night

There is nothing like spending a nice evening outside, and the library makes it even more fun with their outdoor movie night. Bring your lawn chairs so you can sit back and relax for the show. There are activities for the kids along with popcorn and drinks for everyone.

The Bourbon Library is in one of the oldest buildings in the city of Paris, but it uses the space to bring its patrons the newest technology. The library is not just for books anymore, it is all about ideas and community. Whether you like to write, to read, or to play, there is something for everyone.