Buick’s 3 Biggest Changes for 2017

September 8th, 2016 by

new Buick changes Lexington, KYEvery year automobile technology and designs become more advanced, refined, and eco-friendly. In order to meet with consumer demand, Buick has not only kept up with this trend, but has gone above and beyond with its 2017 line-up. Introducing technological features like built-in 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot, sleeker and more streamlined exterior design, and safety alert features, Buick has excelled with its 2017 vehicles. Check out some of the biggest and best changes Buick is introducing for 2017.

State of the Art Technology

Buick is introducing new technology in its 2017 vehicle line-up that helps to increase safety and convenience during your commute. The 2017 Envision, LaCross, and Encore all offer optional built-in 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot technology. This feature makes it easier for you to stream music from your smartphone or find navigation directions without using mobile data. When you pair this with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in vehicles like the 2017 Buick Envision, you can experience the convenience the built-in Wi-Fi brings alongside the hands-free voice-activated technology provided by Apple and Android.

Safety technology has also been upgraded in 2017 automobile models. With features that alert you when you’re unintentionally shifting lanes, warn you when unseen vehicles cross your path, and brake automatically to avoid an accident, you’re sure to have one of the safest driving experiences in a Buick. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto also help to create a less distracting commute by allowing you to access certain smartphone apps hands-free.

Improved and Attractive Design

Models like the 2017 Buick LaCrosse offer a spacious and luxurious interior. With leather, heated seats and heated steering wheel available, a clean and open cabin, and technology that quiets unwanted outside noise, your traveling time becomes much more enjoyable. The carefully crafted exterior of the LaCrosse features a new tri-colored insignia and winged grille for added style. The 2017 Encore offers a totally new 4.2-inch screen used for an information center. With its big, bright display, you’ll be able to get any vehicle and trip information at just a quick glance, allowing you to focus on traffic.

The 2017 Envision features a sculpted grille with chrome accents on the exterior. Convenience has been at the top of Buick’s design changes for 2017. When you have your hands full, wave a foot under the rear bumper and the trunk door will open. All 2017 models feature signature styling to bring out the personality of each vehicle.

Top Performance

Every 2017 vehicle Buick features offers improved handling, more precise steering, and outside noise reduction. Vehicles like the LaCrosse offer Sport Mode Selectivity for a more engaging driving experience. Overall vehicle performance has been improved in each automobile in comparison the previous year’s model.

Buick is introducing exciting new technology and safety changes, improved interior and exterior design, and enhanced vehicle performance for its 2017 line-up. Each vehicle has made huge changes in style, comfort, and convenience. With all these improvements, it will be hard to decide which 2017 Buick model you will want to test-drive first.

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