Chevy Teams Up with KidRock to Make One Patriotic Silverado

November 3rd, 2015 by

If you’re a KidRock fan then you know that he is a big flag-waving, card-carrying, hard-working American musician who isn’t afraid to celebrate freedom. His rock anthems speak to everyone in urban dwellings in Detroit and super posh neighborhoods in Dallas. Recently, your Chevrolet car dealer has something to celebrate with Mr. Rock. You see, it was a Kid Rock song that was the inspiration for the new Chevy Silverado.

Complete with a waving Stars and Stripes featured on the sides of the truck and a very liberal use of chrome, this 3500 HD Silverado is the final outcome of what happens when you have Kid Rock fans designing for Chevrolet. The song: “Born Free”. The pickup: Silverado’s full-size 3500 HD.

The song, which celebrates freedom and honors American workers, is an homage to the blue-collar folk across this great land who work to keep the American dream alive.

Can You Smell What This Rock is Cooking? 

kid rock pickup

After taking a visit to the Silverado HD assembly plant in Flint, Michigan, Kid went to meet with the guys who built the truck and who are also members of UAW Local 598, as well as huge Kid Rock fans. He wanted to meet with Chevy’s team of designers and builders before heading back to the design studio so that he could share in the customization of the ‘blue-collar’-inspired pickup.

Says Mr. Rock, “The Flint plant – and everyone on the line – is the backbone of America. I wanted the design for the truck to be bold, but with features and elements that wouldn’t be out of the reach for the working-class guys.

Clearly, the backbone of America as designed and put together by members of UAW Local 598 are also the inspiration for the patriotic motif. Sitting on 22-inch custom wheels, custom chrome grille, tinted windows, chrome assist steps, chrome exhaust pipes, a spray-in bed liner and black metallic-flecked paint, this full-size Silverado 3500 HD sounds big, sturdy and industrial.

There are also “Born Free” logos and “Kid Rock” decals placed accordingly around the truck as reminders that his name is Kid. Roooooooooock. And as if the mere presence of the 3500 HD Silverado wasn’t intimidating enough, a giant blackened Chevy bowtie dons the front grill, ready for its closeup. 

Capturing the Kid 

Being that Kid Rock, as a recording artist, dabbles in rock, rap, and country, Chevy wanted the interior of the Silverado HD to reflect his expressive styles. Featuring a blackened instrument panel outlined in silver trim and a unique Sky Cool Gray leather-upholstered seats which have metallic-appearing inserts patterned after acid-wash jeans (what? like you’re too old to remember your acid wash jeans that you wore with your Def Leppard cut-off tee? Please.)

In another attempt to emphasize Kid Rock’s personality, the Silverado comes equipped with a pair of Gibbs Sports Quadskis which convert from all-terrain vehicles to personal watercrafts enhancing your freedom to celebrate America by land or sea. None of this would be possible without proper trailering capabilities which with the Duramax 6.6L turbo-diesel engine that boasts 397 horsepower and has a massive 795 lb/ft of torque can more than handle.

“This truck is all about celebrating the people who build it and the freedom it enables.” concluded Kid Rock. His thoughts about visiting the plant, “Visiting the Silverado factory was one of the coolest and most meaningful things I’ve done.”