Chevy’s Colorado Diesel: Most Fuel-Efficient in Its Class

November 17th, 2015 by

Chevy Colorado Diesel

If you’re shopping for your next midsize truck at a Chevrolet car dealership, you should stop and give the Chevy Colorado a look. Brand new for this fall, the 2016 Chevy Colorado Diesel just happens to be the most fuel efficient in its class. That’s not all that makes the Colorado unique—the Colorado is also the only diesel midsize truck to be offered in its class!

The Engine

This 2.8L four-cylinder turbo diesel engine comes in six speed automatic without the option for manual. It does come with an option for four-wheel drive as well as rear wheel drive though. With 181 horsepower and 369 lb.-ft. of torque, this is one of the most powerful midsize trucks available. The towing capacity for this vehicle has been bumped up by 700 pounds to be a total of 7,700 pounds for the Chevy Colorado Diesel.

Chevy Colorado Diesel Engine

Diesels have been a popular option among truck drivers and non-truck drivers alike. The potential for great fuel mileage has got buyers looking at other options besides the standard gas. The 2016 Chevy Colorado has a cast iron engine that’s surprisingly fuel-efficient in order to deliver on the power as well as the fuel economy this truck has to offer buyers.

A new balance shaft has been incorporated into the engine as well as an incorporated oil pump. Damped steel helps to block out the noise of this ride and is featured on the timing belt cover as well. This engine is the only diesel engine to be featured among midsize trucks.

The Fuel Mileage

Let’s talk fuel mileage numbers. The Chevy Colorado Diesel Duramax gets up to 31 MPG. That’s better than a luxury car and it definitely beats out its gas competitors in the midsize truck department—namely the Toyota Tacoma, which gets up to 24 MPG, and the Nissan Frontier, which caps off at 23 MPG on the highway. Neither of these midsize trucks made it into the 30s!

The 2.8L Duramax is the diesel that’s the cleanest Chevy has to offer. Their emissions output is regulated by a diesel exhaust fluid canister, which is affixed to the truck beneath the bed and out of view. This will need to be changed about every 7,000 miles or so along with the oil. The clean diesel option combined with the high fuel economy makes this truck an impressive option for those who’d like to tow a little more.

Chevy Colorado Off Road

The Chevy Colorado impresses for 2016. It has a more truck-like feel with all its torque, an impressive fuel mileage number, and a max towing capacity that surpasses the gas Chevy Colorado as well as Nissan and Toyota. You won’t find another vehicle that matches the Colorado!

For buyers who want a truck but don’t want the big trucks Chevy has to offer or the limited towing capacity that the other midsize brands have to offer, consider the 2016 Chevy Colorado Diesel Duramax for your next ride. It’s the most fuel efficient truck in its class!