Four Benefits of Buying Used Cars

August 6th, 2015 by

You always know when it’s time to consider getting a new car.  Maybe the estimate for fixing your current car won’t be worth the value of it, maybe it just died on your way to work one day.

Whatever the reason, this decision is usually met with a heavy sigh and the dreaded anticipation that comes with car searching.

While looking at used car dealerships in Lexington Kentucky, remember that there are many benefits to buying a used car.  Read on and you’ll see.

Avoid Depreciation

Depreciation is not a fun word, unless you know you are actively avoiding it which is what you’re doing when you purchase a used car.  A brand new car is worth a certain dollar amount until it’s driven off the lot for the very first time.

Over the next year or two it loses about 30% of its value.  That loss of value is depreciation.

Buying a newly pre-owned vehicle eliminates that cost for you.  A price tag is much easier to take when you know you are only paying for the exact value, and not the extra fees.

Lower Insurance Rates

It’s true.  A used car will come with a lower insurance rate.  Because it comes used, it may already have a ding or scratch on it and has been around the block, so it simply doesn’t cost as much to insure it.

Add to this list lower state registration and fees.  Every state requires registration of your car.  If you’ve ever registered a brand new car and a used car, you will know the difference is great.

Brand new cars have come with a large registration fee while used ones do not.  This is a huge annual perk.

Warranties or Certified Programs

Because cars are being made so much better than they ever have, they tend to last a lot longer meaning their dealership warranties usually do as well.

If the used car you are interested in is under 100,000 miles, it may still be under warranty and is worth checking that out.

Some original warranties don’t transfer owners which is why used car dealers often offer their own version of a warranty.  These are called Certified Pre-Owned programs and usually apply to low mileage, recently new used cars.

These warranties often extend beyond the original and will guarantee the vehicle has been thoroughly inspected before the purchase.

A Better Car Awaits You

Buying pre-owned means you have far more variety to choose from.  Maybe you know that the 2011 year of a certain model was its best year.  Maybe you want the luxury edition but wouldn’t be able to afford it as a new car.

Because you’ll already be saving money buying a used car, you can splurge on the features you really want.