Four Best Modifications For Your Used Truck’s Bed

November 6th, 2015 by

Car enthusiasts seem to be a relatively creative bunch who enjoy revamping their cars. Without these dedicated owners modifying and customizing, many of the vehicles on the road would be tough to distinguish. For some owners, it’s never easy to identify the area of the car that they want to revamp. This dilemma is made significantly easier for truck owners, as they’ve got an entire bed to work with. Furthermore, they may be more willing to play with their truck when it’s used.

Similar to other automobile fans, I’ve used the truck bed to do more than storing and hauling. When I was younger, I would serve imaginary hot dogs to my friends, as the bed was ideal for serving as my “imaginary food truck.” Once I got a bit older, I was occasionally sent to the bed due to a lack of room in the cabin. When I reached my teen years, I realized that the truck bed was actually a great “snuggle spot.”

Of course, my use of the truck bed wasn’t even close to being the most innovative idea. Before you head out to used car lots in Lexington, Kentucky, see all the modifications you’d be able to make if you opt for a pickup…

A Bus


This idea requires little maintenance, as it only requires benches, seatbelts, and walls. Of course, there are very few places that will allow you to transform your cargo area into a seating area, so you might have to pursue this in another country. There are 20 states with no laws regarding riders in a truck bed, and most of the states with “restrictions” are essentially trying to ensure that children aren’t placed in the back. Still, it’s a lengthy process to get your truck approved as a public transportation vehicle.

In foreign countries, laws surrounding truck/busses either don’t exist or aren’t enforced. Of course, the transportation industry in these countries is competitive, and you’ll probably come across a variety of vehicles that are more innovative than yours.

Pool/Hot Tub


This is the truck bed modification you have probably seen the most. After all, there aren’t a lot of ways to beat the heat, and who doesn’t enjoy a quick dip during a hot summer day? Fill that truck bed with a hose (leave it out in the sun so it will heat up), and you’ve created a mini pool or tub.

However, understand that filling the bed with water will actually take its toll on your vehicle. While a tarp would seemingly protect all of your vehicle’s essentials, filling your bed with water could cause significant damage to your truck.

Water is very heavy, as each cubic foot weights around 62 pounds. You’re going to be eyeing at least a ton of water in your tub, regardless of whether your truck bed has a maximum capacity of 30 cubic feet or 80 cubic feet. For example, bed liner brand DualLiner published a chart that displayed the estimated weight of a truck when the bed is filled with water. For a Chevy Silverado 2500 HD, the water-filled truck would weight around 4,711 pounds. With five people sitting in the pool, your truck will weigh in around 5,500 pounds.

Of course, it’s important to understand how that weight affects the truck, so the folks at DualLiner tested whether a truck could operate with so much weight. Of the 24 tested trucks, the brand concluded that 96-percent couldn’t function with a bed of water, and 67-percent couldn’t run with half a bed of water.

Those number are kind of flawed, however, as that really only matters for those looking to drive around with their pool (which seems rather illogical). Assuming your temporary tub will be stationary, a simple tarp should keep the body from rusting. The weight (as long as it’s not excessive) shouldn’t have much of an impact, although you may want to be aware of your tire pressure. You’ll also have to consider the age and durability of your used truck, but no vehicle is better equipped to endure that weight than a pickup.

Makeshift Tent


If you enjoy camping, you’ll realize that there are a variety of advantages to sleeping in your truck bed. It may be uncomfortable, but sleeping in the bed could help avoid some of camping’s negative attributes, particularly crawling bugs, uneven ground, and scary animals.

Of course, you won’t be receiving much sleep if you’re lying on a metal floor. You’ll want to bring an appropriate sleeping bag, and make sure you’re aware of the weather forecast. If you want to maximize your comfort, you can find an air mattress that fits right into the bed.

Also, to protect yourself from any animals, make sure you lock the truck’s gate. Many suggest throwing a ratchet strap on the gate and attaching it to some clamps. By utilizing this strategy, you’d surely be woken up by the intruder, allowing you some time to protect yourself.



This is essentially what I did as a child (although my store specialized in imaginary food). Truck beds can be spacious and roomy, so turning the area into a business seems like an inexpensive and reasonable idea.

There are various strategies for these truck bed business. Some prefer to put their entire selection of goods into bed. It may look a bit cluttered and unattractive, but it allows customers to quickly see what’s on sale. This would also make for a relatively quick and easy set-up and clean-up.

Some caterers have actually used their truck beds in similar fashions. You’ve probably seen vendors at fairs selling food out of their pickup, but others have even cleverly converted the space into a condiment bar. What’s the point of carrying around a large table when you can simply utilize the space attached to your ride?

These business owners have considerable room to stock up on drinks and ice, especially with the lockable storage areas that often flank a truck’s bed. You can essentially put together your own mini food truck if you so desire!

While it’s relatively common to see goods sold out of the back of a pickup, there are several business owners who have taken the extra step. Several farmers used their truck bed as an area to harvest plants and produce. While the roots don’t have a whole lot of room to spread out and flourish, you will have the exclusive luxury of giving your plants exactly what they need. If it’s been dry in your area, you can consider driving them to a typically wet spot. If your truck’s usual storage area is shaded, you can leave your truck in the sun for a couple of hours. Considering the opportunities you have to cater to your plants needs, transforming your bed into a garden is actually a clever idea.


When you’re looking to buy a used truck, you should consider using it for something other than driving. Some of the ideas above may compromise your truck’s longevity, but when it comes down to it, you’re essentially looking for some fun from your used purchase. You might as well take advantage of it.