Four Tips to Help You Sell Your Used Car

July 17th, 2015 by

Selling a car can be a relatively quick process, but people often underestimate how much work truly goes into it. Of course, not everyone devotes the time and effort to their soon-to-be-sold car. Those who do, however, often receive a larger sum of money.

So the next time you’re thinking about selling a used car in Lexington, Kentucky, keep the four tips below in mind…

Clean Everywhere


A clean car will boost the vehicle’s value, and it will likely sell significantly quicker than a dirty car. The outside should obviously be spotless (or as spotless as it can be), and there are a number of products that will cover up scratches and other imperfections.

It may sound silly, but cleaning your exterior will go a long way when it comes to appearance, especially in photos. The saying says “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” but online shoppers often do just that when shopping for cars. Therefore, you need your car to stand out. Make sure you find a bright, scenic location… and don’t use your phone. You could even go as far as to hiring a professional photographer.

Cleaning the inside is the more tedious task, and you want to make sure you get to every corner of that vehicle. This includes the seats, ashtrays, carpets, glass and dashboard. It’d be a good idea to clean up any wrappers or loose change, and if you happen to smoke in your car, a steam cleaner could reduce the odor.

You can even hire a service that specifically caters to cleaning used cars. The “Odor Doctors” have found ways to remove the smell of rotten food, pet urine, road kill… even a dead body.

Do Your Research


You’ll likely be kicking yourself if you learned that you sold your car for significantly less than market value. The best way to avoid this is by comparing the suggested prices on various websites. See how much your car is selling for on Craigslist, and then refer to Kelly Blue Book,, or any other websites that give a suggested price for a used car.

After seeing all of the estimated values, set a price that you think is fair. When it comes to negotiating, I always say start on the higher side of your estimate. It’s usually a given that your price will go down.

Make Sure You Receive a Bill of Sale


It’s not illegal to deal your car without a bill of sale, but it could be a potential life saver if you run into any future issues. The bill of sale would clearly indicate who’s selling the car, who’s purchasing the car, any attached conditions, and the agreed upon price.

Get It Inspected

This is the most obvious, so we saved it for last. You don’t want to be selling a death-trap, and you don’t want a potential buyer to use you car’s faults to their negotiating advantage.

That’s why getting a simple checkup is always a good idea before you put a vehicle on the market. If you ultimately need to put down money for some repairs, remember that the alternative is selling a faulty (and a vicariously dangerous) car.


None of the tasks above are incredibly time consuming, and following the steps should result in you receiving a larger chunk of money. If you’re looking for some inspiration (or if you want a used car of your own), check out Dan Cummins’ lot of used cars.