Local Business Spotlight – Hartfield & Co. Distillery

June 20th, 2022 by

The Last One Standing: The Only Remaining Bourbon Distillery in Bourbon County


Looking for something fun to do near Lexington this weekend? Check out Hartfield & Co. – a small batch distillery located in Paris, Kentucky, along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.


Hartfield & Co. is not your average distillery. Before the National Prohibition Act of 1919, there were 26 distilleries in Bourbon County, KY. None of them reopened post-Prohibition. 95 years later, Hartfield and Co. opened in the heart of downtown Paris, becoming the first distillery since Prohibition to open in Bourbon County. Since then, Hartfield and Co. have made it their mission to preserve tradition, while still producing unique flavor profiles.


The process of making Hartfield & Co. Bourbon starts with their mash bill of 62% corn, 19% rye, and 19% malted barley. By having a high percentage of malted barley, it becomes a flavor grain, adding notes such as smoke and tobacco. Then, they move on to distillation. Hartfield and Co. aim for a proof of 115-120, providing “a fuller, more viscous mouthfeel, that pleasantly lingers.”[1] The distillate goes straight into the barrels without cutting. This ensures the grains used are present in the final flavor profile. The bourbon ages in 6.3-gallon American White Oak barrels, between levels #3 and #4 char, for 8-11 months, dependent on the barrel. Finally, they blend barrels to match their intended flavor profiles.


If you want to visit their iconic, three-story distillery, you have two options to choose between.

You could do the “Hartfield Tour”, which is a 30–45-minute informational tour of the distillery, with a tasting of Hartfield products after the tour. Or you could do the “Day as a Distiller” tour, which allows you to spend a day working in production, drinking, and learning all about bourbon. You’d also get a bottle of Hartfield & Co. Bourbon, an engraved barrel stave, and a Hartfield & Co. t-shirt.


The “Hartfield Tour” is only $10 per person, and the “Day as a Distiller” tour is $150 per person. For more information/to reserve a tour, click here.


Hartfield and Co. is in downtown Paris at 320 Pleasant St. – only a 30-minute drive from downtown Lexington.


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[1] https://www.hartfieldandcompany.com/our-process