How Do I Use Chevy Remote Start?

December 28th, 2020 by

Chevy Remote Start is the perfect addition to any vehicle, rain or shine. Never brace a freezing or overly hot car again because with Chevy Remote Start you can set your car’s temperature to what’s best for you, all without even being in the driver’s seat. Wondering how to use this fantastic Chevy feature? Well allow us to explain further.

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How To Use Chevy Remote Start

To get your car to its perfect temperature, you must follow these simple steps.

  • First, the key fob must be at least 197ft away from the vehicle
  • Then simply aim the fob at the car and hit the lock button
  • Next, hold the start button for about four seconds.

From there the engine should start and the preset temperature will get to your most comfortable setting before you even step foot in your vehicle.

Why Should I Use Chevy Remote Start?

For those wanting the most comfortable experience from your journeys’ start to its end, the Chevy Remote Start is an essential feature for your vehicle. No matter the weather, rather it be extremely cold or excessively hot, Chevy Remote Start will always have your ideal temperature set for you before you even begin your drive. This is extremely useful for more sensitive passengers too, like small children and pets. Easy access will also benefit you as you just need to point your key fob at your car, follow the Chevy Remote Start steps, and your engine will start.

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