How Do I Use The Heads Up Display In My Buick Encore GX?

December 28th, 2020 by

The Heads Up Display is a bonus feature that adds style and high quality design to the Buick Encore GX. With the Heads Up Display you can monitor your speed, check your music/audio and navigate where you are going without taking your eyes off the road. To learn more about the Heads Up Display and how to use it in your Buick Encore GX allow us to explain.

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How To Use Heads Up Display

The Heads Up Display is an easy and accessible feature in the compatible Buick Encore GX. If your GX is equipped, follow these steps to access your Heads Up Display.

  • Look for controls located on the left side of the steering wheel
  • Press or lift to open the Display
  • Toggle through four main views to select desired feature
  • Push or lift to adjust image position and brightness
  • To turn display off, hold button down
  • DO NOT use your hand to close Heads Up Display

Features Included In Heads Up Display

To view certain features within the Heads Up Display, you can toggle through selected options such as:

  • Speed
  • Performance
  • Audio/Phone
  • Navigation

All of these features can be monitored through Heads Up Display, making your drive safer and more efficient as you keep your eyes on the road while managing your speed, engine performance, audio content and navigation.

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