Introducing the MyChevrolet App: Your Car in the Palm of Your Hand

January 4th, 2016 by

MyChevrolet app


Let’s face it, it’s the future: the internet is a daily, necessary tool; more people than ever are regularly connected to each other online; and, maybe most significantly, nearly everybody carries a cell phone. This means that, at any one time, anyone can access a virtually limitless amount of information from just about anywhere. That’s pretty revolutionary in terms of sharing knowledge – and automakers certainly haven’t missed that cue.

Take Chevy, for example, which has recently unveiled its MyChevrolet mobile app. This technology strips away many of the outdated methods of connecting a consumer with their automaker, and helps move modern car buying and car ownership further into the 21st century. If our predictions are correct, MyChevrolet represents the next wave of mobile connectivity for car owners.

Chevy owners who purchase from Chevy dealerships in Kentucky can access this app through the App Store or Google Play and, once installed, can link the software to individual vehicles using the Vehicle Identification Number on each Chevy you wish to connect. From here, the app can connect the driver to a host of available accessibility options to make driving, and Chevy ownership in general, that much easier.


It’s Your Owner’s Manual – Without All The Paper

One of the most immediately useful aspects of using a connected app for car owners is the ability to ditch the bulky, wasteful owner’s manual – once the space-hogging bane of any glove box, these hefty and outdated hunks of pages are only getting bigger as cars get more advanced and complex. It only makes sense to digitize such important and complex instructions – making them not only easier to carry around, but easier to access from just about anywhere as well.


Your Personal Service Assistant

Since the MyChevrolet app is directly linked to your vehicle, it can tell how long you’ve been driving and how your vehicle is doing – and when it’s time for a checkup. Since drivers can store their preferred mechanic’s contact info within the app, MyChevrolet makes contacting your service department and setting up an appointment as simple as the push of a button, and can even help locate the nearest dealer or service center when you’re out on the road.


A Handy Parking Reminder

We’ve all been there – you leave your car parked in a safe spot, only to forget exactly where that spot is hours later upon your return. It’s a natural phenomenon, but it’s about time it stopped.

That’s why MyChevrolet is so helpful for the little things – it can remember exactly where you left your Chevy, and using GPS it can lead you back to the exact spot where it’s waiting for you, ready to go. And, with handy reminders that can monitor meter times and remind you to get back, you’ll never have to worry about a careless mistake costing you a parking ticket again.

If our guess is as good as we think it is, drivers should expect to see more connected app technology like this in years to come. For now, we’re fairly impressed with what Chevy has been able to accomplish with their MyChevrolet app, and even more excited to see where it takes us for the future.