Keeping Your Kids Active This Fall in Central Kentucky

September 15th, 2016 by

kids activities Lexington, KYThis fall, as the trees and shrubbery change color and the weather turns to a cool, comfortable temperature, be sure to keep your kids healthy and active. Enrolling the young ones in a local organized sporting league, signing them up for a YMCA membership, or enjoying some fun and games in the park, are all excellent ways to ensure your children get proper exercise. Try some or all of these fun options available in the central Kentucky area.


The YMCA of central Kentucky is an outstanding choice when considering options to keep your children active this fall. With several locations throughout central Kentucky, you’ll be able to easily find a gym near your home. The joining fee for members of all ages is $50 and the monthly membership cost for teens is $25, or your household can join for a monthly fee of $82.50. Citywide and branch specific membership prices differ, so be sure to check YMCA’s membership rates page to get a better understanding of pricing options.

When you enroll your children in the YMCA, they will have access to use gym equipment under professional supervision. Your kids will be able to take free classes and they can join programs at a discounted price. Programs the YMCA offers that keep your children active include swimming, martial arts, and team sports such as basketball, cheerleading, and baseball.

The Park

Enjoy the fall weather with your children by planning an outing to your local park. At recreational parks like Jacobson Park, you can enjoy the use of several different amenities available to the public. You and your family can enjoy the use of a basketball court, open play fields, fishing docks, a playground, and more. There is even a dog park so you can bring along your furry companions.

At venues like Kentucky Horse Park located in Lexington, you can pack up for the weekend and enjoy a camping trip with your family. The facility is unique in that it provides guests camping options as well as having an equine theme park on campus. You and your kids can stay active by participating in walking barn tours or horseback riding. There is also a tennis court, basketball court, and playground on the property for your children to enjoy.

Sports Leagues

Enrolling your kids in a youth sporting league is a great way to keep them active and have them become more integrated into the community. When participating in team sports such as softball, cheerleading, football, tennis, and other sports, your young ones will have the opportunity to meet other children in the community. Each organized sport comes with different registration fees and equipment costs, so talk to your children to see what they are most interested in participating in.

Physical activity is important for children to properly develop, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent illness. Living in central Kentucky, you have a myriad of options to keep your kids active. Try one of the above-mentioned options this fall and watch your children live a happy and healthy lifestyle.