Not all Lexington car dealerships are the same – We stand out!

September 4th, 2015 by

In Lexington, KY and surrounding areas there are a lot of choices when it comes to used car dealerships. Some superb and others that simply do not have the best track record.

Not all Lexington car dealerships are the same. Dan Cummins has been proud to be the leader in the used car market. Our track record stands for itself.

We are always looking for ways to make sure our customers are satisfied beyond expectations. We have taken great pride in understanding what our customers expect in car dealerships in Lexington. Here is what we discovered:

  • Dealer Longevity: New and used car dealerships come and go. The ones that last as long as we have usually are the dealerships that have always remained honest and dedicated to customer service. Through the years, we have strived to maintain that special level of honesty and dedication to our customers that have set us apart from the pack for years.
  • Excellent customer reviews: Before the internet it was sometimes difficult to get a good review of the dealership. Now, we encourage reviews from customers just like you. Feel free to read these reviews from other customers. It will give you an idea of the experience that they had while working with Dan Cummins.
  • Facilities: Let’s face it, as much as we try to not judge a book by its cover, is some situations that may be a good rule to follow. After all, first impressions are important. We are very proud of the state of the art showroom and service departments here at Dan Cummins. If you visit a run-down dealership without a modern waiting room or modern service department you may wonder about the quality of the service you will receive. We have spent a great deal of time and effort to make sure our customers are comfortable with many of the amenities of home. From coffee and snacks in our waiting areas to free Wi-Fi you will be very comfortable when visiting Dan Cummins.
  • Available Services: Not all Lexington car dealerships offer the same services. Dan Cummins offers additional services that you may need in the future. Express service check-in, shuttle service, loaner cars, service rate information, and service department hours are some of the common services we have dedicated to our customers.

Finally, feel free to ask around the Lexington and Paris, KY area. On the lips of many customers will be positive reviews and dedication to the dealership that has been the benchmark for other Lexington car dealerships – Dan Cummins.