Secrets to Know When Buying a Used Car

September 7th, 2015 by

The car buying process can be overwhelming, and it’s made only tougher when you’re seeking a used car. What should you be prioritizing? Is there anything you should be looking out for?

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Before you go visit your local used car dealership in Lexington, Kentucky, check out guide to purchasing a used car…

Understand What You Want

It’s never a good idea to go shopping for cars when you have no idea what you want. That’s why prioritizing features and doing your research is absolutely essential. Whether you’re seeking a roomy interior, solid fuel economy, or off-road capabilities, you’ll want to determine your desired features prior to heading to the dealership.

You should start by targeting a particular brand that includes many of the features and capabilities that you’re seeking. Once that’s been determined, you can begin narrowing down your selection to a particular model and year. You’ll eventually find yourself choosing between a variety of cars, and at that point you can begin your car search.

Of course, you’ll also want to know how much you should be paying for a particular vehicle, and you can use your budget as another determining factor.

Don’t Go Over Budget


Speaking of budget, you’d be doing yourself quite a financial disservice by exceeding your set amount of money. You may assume that spending some extra cash wouldn’t set you back too much, but you have to consider the various fees you’ll have to pay when purchasing a vehicle. There are taxes, registration fees, dealership fees, and so much more.

“Leave yourself some wiggle room and shop for a less flashy vehicle with lower mileage or an older one in tip-top shape,” said “You wouldn’t want to buy the car of your dreams only to have it drain your bank account because you didn’t factor in all of the costs of ownership.”

If your bank account is drained, that will set you back even further. Late payments would result in a deteriorating credit score, which could have larger financial implications down the road.

Test and Check the Car


It may sound unusual, but car buyers consistently run into problems with their recently-purchased vehicles. There’s a very simple way to avoid this issue, and it’s by test driving and inspecting your potential car.

A test drive could indicate any issues with the engine or mechanics. Not identifying these issues could result in pricey mechanic bills. It’s better to realize any issues prior to making the purchase.

Furthermore, you’ll want to check the vehicle for various warning signs or more sinister, underlying problems. For example, a damp floor could be indicative of water damage. You’ll want to check every nook and cranny before you make your purchase.

So what are you waiting for? Head down to Dan Cummins dealership and check out their selection of used vehicles. You can be driving out of the lot in no time.