The 4 Best Used Chevy 4-Wheel Drive Trucks

February 4th, 2016 by


Silverado dirt


When it comes to trucks, few features match the raw usefulness of a powerful four-wheel drive system. These systems allow an experienced truck driver to not only pull out of the deepest, stickiest muck but also to conquer everything from sand to snow, and massive inclines in between.

And when it comes to picking the right truck to get out of the right jam, experienced drivers know to turn to Chevy trucks. Even used Chevy trucks feature some of the market’s most impressive four-wheel drive capabilities, and as a brand Chevy regularly delivers with high-quality models that deliver fully on both performance and raw power.

Here’s a look at some of the most beloved used Chevy trucks you’ll find out there that have excellent four-wheel drive systems. Take a peek and you might just find that one of these is exactly the tool your worksite or off-road adventures have been missing.




Silverado Mud



Currently sitting as the reigning champion among Chevy trucks, the brand-leading full-size Silverado is undoubtedly one of, if not the most impressive models available today. This excellence stretches back to its roots in the late ’90s, when All-Wheel drive came standard in the early Silverado.

Now, the 2016 Silverado boasts an available AutoTrac Transfer Case, which can be manually set on either 2WD or 4WD by the driver using a handy selector dial. This means Silverado drivers can adjust the strength and torque of their truck easily, as soon as the need arises. The SAutoTrac also has an automatic setting, which can detect changing conditions and distribute power as need be for optimal efficiency, as well as a neutral setting for easy towing.




Colorado offroad


This light-duty compact pickup is the sporty younger brother to the Silverado and boasts much of the same 4WD capabilities found throughout the Chevy family. Although the Colorado only boasts a two-speed floor-mounted shifter in its standard trim, drivers can also choose the electronic shifter which automatically detects changing road conditions and shifts between 2WD and 4WD accordingly.

The Colorado, like the Silverado, also features an available automatic locking rear differential, which can even the rotation speed of the back wheels for optimal torque on those rough, rocky climbs.




Tahoe offroad


Although its technically not a truck, the Chevy Tahoe is no ordinary full-size SUV. With an automatic locking rear differential, the Tahoe is uniquely suited to climb tough terrain and pull out of low-traction spots.

Plus, the Tahoe features an AutoTrac Two-Speed Transfer Case similar to that on the Silverado, allowing drivers to shift between 2WD, 4WD Hi, 4WD Lo, and Automatic for optimal traction control depending on the situation. The Tahoe is set to naturally run on 2WD to conserve energy, but on the Auto setting it will instantly shift into 4WD when it detects changing road conditions, and won’t switch back until the road is clear.

As far as four-wheel drive vehicles go, few come with the kind of powerful standard systems like those found on Chevy vehicles. These three offer some of the finest examples of this amazing technology and have done so for years, and so any driver looking for a quality used 4WD vehicle should look no further than their nearest Chevy dealer.