The Top 4 Things to Do in Lexington, KY

July 21st, 2016 by

things to do in Lexington, KYDo you need a place to take a few friends in Lexington? As the second-largest city in Kentucky, Lexington has many diverse, intriguing things worth checking out. These four places sum up the most quintessential things to do in and around the city, so give them a try!

Kentucky Horse Park

Since Lexington is the horse capital of the world, this should be no surprise. Part museum, horse farm, and nature park, any fan of horses will find this spot worthy of multiple visits. The indoor museum has exhibits that kids and adults will find fascinating, and guests can also see champion racing horses up close and learn about their achievements. Kentucky Horse Park features new events throughout the year, so if you’ve visited before, check out the calendar. There is also a campground with more than 260 campsites, so fans of the park can plan a multi-day vacation.

The Arboretum

The University of Kentucky Arboretum, or tree collection, is a lovely park known for its seasonal cherry blossoms. There are many other lovely flowers and colorful trees in bloom throughout the seasons, all visible from paved, broad pathways. The area has a panoramic grassland feel, almost like a giant garden. Pleasant streams and fountains with modern metal sculptures add even more variety. Pets are welcome, so give your dogs a nice walk on a sunny day!

Breakout Lexington

Room escape games are all the rage, and are growing in popularity. To quickly summarize: these games involve a themed room, such as a futuristic laboratory or killer’s basement. A group of friends are “locked” in the room, and have to solve a series of puzzles by working together in order to escape within the allotted time. The game masters carefully provide clues from outside as well, for beginner groups that may have trouble. Take a look at Breakout Lexington and its current rooms if you love room escape games, or if they sound even mildly interesting.

Mary Todd Lincoln House

The home of Abraham Lincoln’s wife and children makes for one of the most impactful museums in the entire state. President Lincoln’s monumental achievements in civil rights and leadership are widely known, but this gorgeous mansion provides another look at the Lincoln presidency: the impressive life led by the first lady of the United States until 1865. The home is beautifully restored, and the helpful tour guides offer a dizzying amount of stories and wisdom gleaned from Abraham Lincoln and his family. The tour is only about an hour, so it’s ideal for anyone seeking a short visit.

Of everything available in Lexington, these four attractions are the most worthy of repeat visits, the most accessible, and the most fun. But even more attractions await near these places. Whether you are a first-time visitor to the city or have lived there all your life, there’s always a good reason to get out and see something new, or something you remember. Have a great time out there!