The Worst Foods to Eat While Driving

May 26th, 2016 by

food to eat on the road Lexington, KYNeed a snack on the road? There are good ideas on what to eat in your car, and then there are ideas that we don’t think about but aren’t as smart as we might believe. These ideas should inspire a chuckle, but make sure not to eat these things while driving.

Any Finger Foods

Unless you want dark fingerprints all over your steering wheels and dash, keep the hot wings and shrimp poppers for back at home or at the place you got them. You can try to balance a box of chicken nuggets carefully and keep using the same two fingertips to grab them, but it just becomes too much of a dexterity challenge, which you don’t want while driving.


Chocolate melts, and there’s no way to escape that fact. You’ll leave a little bit of chocolate somewhere without even realizing it, so go for something simple like M&Ms or Reese’s Pieces. You can hold a small bag and tilt the candy into your mouth without even touching the equally sticky candy coating. Consider all barbecue foods unfit for the car, for similar reasons.

Anything Loose

Burritos are tricky. While some places make a burrito that’s perfect to eat in the car and that will hold up appropriately when held in one hand, other burritos are fit to eat with nothing other than a plate, fork, knife, and a comfortable seat. Chipotle and other places will inevitably leave a little grain of rice or single loose bean on the floor, and you don’t want to squish those into the mat.


Burgers and sandwiches that can drip are too risky. If you really want a sandwich, consider something that’s mostly dry, like a po’boy, and enjoy it with a drink. Greasy, saucy, or moist burgers are going to spill out as you continually hold and move it in your hands to accommodate your turning and shifting.

Filled Doughnuts

Anything with filling is asking for trouble, especially if you’re wearing nice clothes. You can be as careful as you want, but you never know when jelly will shoot out of a doughnut from a side you aren’t even biting. On the same topic, powdered sugar is hard to get off your hands without water, so watch out for that too.


It’s not technically a food, but it’s important to mention coffee, as it’s actually one of the most dangerous things you can enjoy on the road (and it’s illegal to do so in some states). A bad bump will leave food on your clothes. With hot coffee, a bump and spill could not only hurt you but distract you and lead to an accident. At the very least, let it cool down before you rush out the door.

As long as consuming food and drink while driving is still legal near you, use sharp judgment and eat something safe. The best foods to eat while driving are dry, easy to deal with, and don’t leave a complicated mess. Enjoy and keep safe on the road!