Top Five Used SUVs Under $25,000

October 19th, 2015 by

If you’ve never considered buying a used vehicle before, it’s time to. There are some real advantages, especially when looking for an SUV. SUV’s provide safe transport for your whole family all year long, in all weather and road conditions. They provide the cargo and storage space that families on-the-go need. The percentage of depreciation on new cars is about 40% in the first two years of the vehicle’s life, after which it lessens to half that. There is no initial depreciation when you drive a car off used car lots.    

However, a brand new SUV can cost sometimes on the upwards of $40-70,000. When you know you need a vehicle that is going to provide the extra room and passenger seating but you don’t want to pay for a brand new vehicle, buying a used SUV is the best choice. Not only won’t you have to compromise quality, you won’t be paying depreciation that accompanies driving a brand new car off the lot.

Advantages of Buying Used

The First thing you’ll notice is the price. Used vehicles will cost less. This is the biggest reason customers buy used cars.

Second, constant advancements in technology work to improve the quality, condition and longevity of all vehicles recently manufactured. Customers know that even at two to three years old they are still getting a great quality vehicle that will last a long time.  

Compromise Nothing

Quality, cost, and safety always take top priority when choosing a family vehicle. Luckily the demand for SUVs has manufacturers have produced so many variations to cater to such specific needs that your choices are nearly endless. Third-row seating, car-like driving experience, diesel, hybrids; practically anything you want and/or need will be available to you. Below is a list of five great SUVs priced appropriately under $25,000.  

You’ll notice all are at least three years old so they are already depreciating at much slower rate. They have still been rated with excellent reviews by all the top car dealer websites and magazines. See which used SUV will be the right fit for you.  

2013 Chevy Equinox

2013 equinox

Getting an amazing 32 mpg highway driving and 22 mpg city driving, this crossover SUV comes available with a choice of engines. You can either choose the a larger V6 with 3.0L engine or the 2.4L 4 cylinder engine. If you’re looking for a full value, the 4 cylinder is going to cost less as well as give you better fuel economy, but if you know you’ll need the use of occasional towing, then the V6 would be your better bet.

The Equinox earned tops scores in all safety tests by the IIHS and the federal government. Because it’s still a newer model, luxury items like remote starting, backup camera, heated seats all come equipped. It boasts the most spacious rear seating in the bunch giving enough room to comfortably seat your family of five. This newer crossover prices at the very top of the list because you are getting top quality and comfort and enjoying Chevrolet luxury at a value. A gently used 2013 Equinox with less than 25K miles should be priced just under $25,000.

2012 Kia Sorento

2012 sorento

The Sorento is surprisingly bigger than you’d expect it be given its price point. Utilizing that extra space is the famed third-row seating which comes along with the premium package and allows families the ability to carry 7 passengers, adults and children alike.

Otherwise, five seats comes standard in base model. The 2012 model year saw the introduction of a direct-injected 2.4L inline 4. Its fuel economy is on par with its competitors offering 22 mpg city and 32 highway mpg, with a combined EPA rating of 25 mpg. A second engine is offered and squeaks in just under $25,000; the more powerful V6. With 50/50 fold flat third row seats that provide ample storage and cargo space for groceries, backpacks, sports equipment and even a pet, the 2012 Sorento is sure to accommodate any family’s busy scheduling.

You should be able to find a 2012 Kia Sorento with under 50K miles for under $18,000.

2012 Honda CR-V

2012 CR-V

As the safety superstar, it has peaked in every reliable and safety ratings. It won JD Powers Initial Quality Study for Compact CUVs. The 2012 CR-V received a total redesign for the 2012 year and impressed most buyers with its stylish interior, cargo configurability and drive quality. What it lacks for an extra engine option, only offering a powerful V6 that gets 185 horsepower, it makes up for in fuel economy; 23 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. It is also available in both front and all-wheel drive.

The CR-V seats 5 comfortably and boasts some feature items like dual climate control and powered driver’s seat. Navigation system is available in some editions. However, there have been few notable upgrades since its original debut in 2007. Finding a top trim 2012 CR-V with mileage under 40K won’t be difficult. Even better is that it can be found for just under $25,000.

2011 Toyota Rav4

2011 Rav4 copy

Also available with a V6 engine choice, the Rav4 is true to Toyota with reviews that put it at the top of the class. One of the best I’ve read is that it drives like a car; feels custom built and perfectly integrated. This compact SUV offers third-row seating making room for 7 passengers, which is a comfort few other SUV’s in this category share.

The Rav4 comes standard with a fuel economic 2.4 L 4 cylinder engine, but the choice for a V6 also exists boasting 269 horsepower.  Available in either front or all-wheel drive, the Rav4 weighs in at 22 mpg for city driving and 28 highway driving. The Rav4 also received a perfect score with JD Powers in reliability. A 2011 Rav4 coming in under $20,000 will have around 50K miles on it.

2010 Chevy Traverse

2010 traverse

It’s maiden year. The 2010 Chevy Traverse was the crossover answer to the hole the Chevy Trailblazer left behind. The styling moved towards a more sleek, sophisticated, clean lines of full-size sedans than that of a chunky, boxy and outdated SUV’s. With tons of room to boast about, this SUV also has the elusive third row and can comfortably seat a family of eight.

The base model is already a 3.6L V6 engine, so power is not a concern here. Nor is luxury. Chevy wanted refinement and they got it right with the Traverse. With splashes of chrome throughout, items like leather interior, backseat DVD entertainment, navigation, and a back-up camera have you feeling like you didn’t buy used at all.  

Because of the V6 it stays 17 mpg city driving and 24 mpg for highway. Operating like a full-size SUV with all the modern comfort of a full-size sedan. Even the 6 speed automatic gets praise for shifting gears with smooth prowess. A 2010 Traverse is more likely to come with higher mileage, therefore it is likely to cost between $15-$18,000. It will be easier to find a newer model with fewer miles on it, like a 2012 model, but you will be paying closer to $25,000.

Choose Used

It is easy to see why so many consumers choose newly used over a brand new model. Improvements in safety and fuel economy have put these used SUV’s in the top ranked positions. The technology embedded in these vehicles withstands throughout the years. With manufacturers delivering exactly what customers want keeps these five in the top spot and it is no wonder that their resale value remains so high.