Top Three Used Cars Under $10,000

July 27th, 2015 by

It happens every now and then.  Emergency strikes and you need a new set of wheels on the fly.   Because you were not planning on buying a new family sized sedan you don’t have the kind of budget you would prefer.  A used car is your best option for finding a good quality vehicle on a tight budget.

A couple things to consider while looking for used cars in Lexington, Kentucky :

Look for a car brand whose track record is reliable.  There are plenty to choose from in the world of family sedans.  Most of your top brand names will be on this list.

Buy as new as your budget will allow.  Because there are constant updates and upgrades in safety technology, new features are available with each passing year and you want as many of these features as can be afforded you.

Always run the car’s history.  You can go to CarFax’s website or use other sites to get the complete history of your car.  This will tell you if there were any major accidents or damage done to the vehicle.

Below are three of the best used cars to buy based on brand reliability and quality of value.  All three are priced just under $10,000.

2006-2008 Hyundai Sonata

2008 sonata

2006 saw a rebirth of Hyundai models and reputation.  They were growing as a brand that was going to make it in the world of full size sedans and the Sonata was on its way.  As a 4 cylinder, it has high fuel economy yet less power than its V6 companion and that may price it just above the $10K mark.  Quality engineering and best in class warranty coverage ensures that the Sonata should be up to date with checks and appointments.

2007-2008 Kia Optima

20018 kia optima

Having outscored both Toyota Camry and Honda Accord in midsize sedan categories, this generation Optima was one of the very best.  As a four cylinder provides a roomy, comfortable ride even for the rear passengers.  With quality features inside and out and safety features not every other brand had for these years, look for the EX-trim Optima which came equipped with anti-lock brakes and ESC.

2005 Toyota Avalon

2005 Toyota Avalon Limited.

As Toyota’s go, they are top in reliability and function.  It is a bit older than the above mentioned models, but this Avalon comes with a V6 which provides an excellent powertrain for unbeatably smooth ride quality.  The 2005 Avalon is also larger than Hyundai and Kia and provide more luxurious space for passengers and cargo alike.  Although a 2005 year puts it as ten years old yet because of Toyota’s unbeatable reliability and ability to last what seems like forever, this Avalon is still sure to last a long time given it has been taken care of and will continue to be.