Awards and Accolades for Dan Cummins Chevrolet


Dan Cummins Chevrolet has been proud to serve the Lexington, KY area for many years. Throughout that time, we have won some very prestigious awards and accolades. We know that without customers like you, our dealership wouldn’t be the dealership we are today!

We are proud to be carrying award winning Chevrolet’s. Most of our models have won multiple awards for performance, safety, reliability, and driver satisfaction. Many Chevrolet dealers use the successful model that Dan Cummins Chevrolet has built as a template for their dealership.


Chevrolet Sonic

Take for example the Chevrolet Sonic. Don’t like its size fool you. It might be small but for those who love to have a little fun when they are behind the wheel the Sonic is “the boom”!

With a sporty design and amazing performance and handling, there is no wonder why the Sonic has received multiple awards.

Kelley Blue Book has named the Chevy Sonic one of the 10 Coolest Cars Under 18K and one of the 10 Best Back-to-School Cars.

It speaks volumes about safety and reliability all with an affordable price.


Chevy Malibu

A heritage name for the Chevrolet brand. The Malibu has recently been awarded “Most Dependable Midsize Car” by J.D. Power in 2015. It’s no wonder.

The Malibu does a fantastic job of using the power of its design and overall efficiency to excel in the market. Add, stunning good looks and legendary Chevy safety you have an amazing sedan.

Recently, the Chevy Malibu has been named the Top Safety Pick for Midsize Moderately Priced Cars by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.


Chevy Impala

It’s a good thing we don’t have to pay for award plaques. We might go bankrupt having to pay for all the plaques for each award presented to the Impala.

Another legendary name in the Chevy lineup. With a design crafted with sophistication, refinement and excitement winning awards comes easily to the Impala.

Kelley Blue Book has recently named the Chevy Impala one of the 15 Best Family Cars. Also, the folks at KBB have discovered the incredible comfort that Chevrolet Dealers have known for decades. They have named Chevy Impala one of 10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30K.

Finally, had much love for the Impala. Naming it a 2015 Most Popular on in their large car category. We have plenty of Impalas on the lot. Check one out today!


Chevy Volt

It’s electrifying seeing so many accolades for the Chevy Volt. Chevrolet really tried hard to create a fuel efficient marvel with the Volt. Discover the unique power of the newly designed propulsion system in the Volt.

Not only do you get great performance but incredible efficiency. It is why the Volt demands to be noticed and has earned more accolades and “Best Buy” awards than any other electric car.

For example, Kelley Blue Book has awarded the Chevy Volt 2015’s Best Buy Electric/Hybrid award and named the Volt one of the 10 Greenest Guys.


Chevy Silverado

When people think of Chevy…they think of trucks! We have some of the most memorable and dependable models of trucks out there.

As a matter of fact, Dan Cummins Chevrolet sells more Silverado’s than many other Chevrolet dealers.

Dan Cummins Chevrolet sells vehicles that are part of a large family. A family filled with the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. One of most popular full-size pickups is the Silverado. Full of power and dependability along with advanced technology.

Independent studies have proven it over and over again. The 2015 Silverado 1500 has the honor of being named the “Highest Ranked Large Light Duty Pickup in Initial Quality” according to JD Power and Associates.

If you want the best in class you’ve got it with the Silverado. Don’t take our word for it, though. Kiplinger recently names the Chevy Silverado the “Best In Class New Car Values – Full-Size Truck”.

Finally, Vincentric looked into the affordability of pickup trucks. They were amazed by the value of the Silverado. So much so they looked into the Chevrolet lineup and determined that Chevrolet has the lowest total cost of ownership of any pickup truck brand. That is quite a statement!


Exciting News the Chevrolet Dealers are Excited About

If you ask someone what the best movie trilogy of all time is your going to get a lot of answers and potentially serious arguments. For our money, of the of top choices would be the “Back To The Future” trilogy. After all, 2015 is the year that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel too in order to witness the future.

Prominently in the movie was the old science fiction dream “flying cars”. It’s safe to say that flying cars have been a desire for many spanning decades. We are not quite there yet or are we?

It looks like Chevrolet may be closer than you think at making this a total reality. While, it may not be exactly like the Delorean in the movie as flying is still very difficult to achieve Chevrolet may be much closer to a fully autonomous electric vehicle.

Chevrolet rolled out its FNR autonomous electric concept this year. It offers a very detailed glimpse at what the future of driving may actually be. It’s less about flying and much more about not having to do a single thing to get to your destination.

Called the Chevrolet-FNR what makes it stand out is that it actually looks futuristic. It looks like a transportation capsule. Totally futuristic. Marty McFly might call it “Heavy!”.

Created using a new type of crystal laser headlights it demands instant attention. Another futuristic detail is the dragonfly dual swing doors. Again, an update to “gull doors” of the 80s.

Of course, what kind of futuristic car would it be without some pretty cool tech throughout? The Chevrolet-FNR contains a gamut of technology that are something in science fiction movies.

Try this on for size. Handfuls of sensors and a roof-mounted radar that maps out the environment. It creates a detailed map for the onboard computers to use for total driverless operation.

Chevy Intelligent Assistant and iris recognition start. Yeah, you need to use your eyeball to start this time. James Bond, anyone?

Once placed in self-driving mode, the FNR because less of a car and more of a luxury transport pod. The seats actually swivel 180 degrees to face the rear seats. In other words, you and your passengers can hang out and have a good time with the FNR keeps it’s “eyes on the road”.

Still in a testing phase Chevrolet Dealers across the country, including all of us here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet are excited about the future. In the meantime, we are here to serve your needs in the present.

If you need a new or used vehicle, exceptional service, parts, or just looking to upgrade your vehicle we can do it all. Located in Paris, KY we serve the entire region with all your Chevrolet needs.

Take a look at our large inventory of used vehicles as well. Every vehicle is inspected and guaranteed to be an excellent vehicle.

We are here for you today as we have been for so many years in the past and look forward to being here to serve you well into the future!