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The History of the Chevy Impala

2020 Chevrolet Impala Parked

Nearly every Paris driver has heard of the Chevy Impala. Why is the Chevy Impala famous? What is the history of the Impala? When was the Chevy Impala first made? What year is the most popular Impala? Let’s find the answers as we take a stroll through Chevy Impala history.


Why is the Chevy Impala Famous?

The Chevy Impala ceased production in 2020 as consumers who were in the market for bigger vehicles moved on to SUVs. So, then, why is the Chevy Impala famous, still? It made a huge impact on the automotive world with its versatility and attractive design. Its size made it a great sedan for families, its powerful engines made it fun to drive, and those elements combined made it a favorite among law enforcement agencies, becoming a commonly used patrol car throughout the country. You may even remember seeing them used by police departments in the Lexington area at some point.

When Was the Chevy Impala First Made?

The Impala has a long history. When was the Chevy Impala first made? The history of the Impala began in 1956 when it was first introduced as a concept car at the GM Motorama show. But it first rolled off the production line in 1958—and made a huge splash in the automobile industry.

More Chevy Impala History

The Chevy Impala has gone through several iterations throughout the years, and most of them have been very popular with Louisville drivers. Here are some highlights from the Chevy Impala history.

History of the Impala

  • 1956 – Introduced as concept car at the GM Motorama show
  • 1958 – Started production and began being sold to the general public
  • 1959-1960 – Introduced radical new design that included bat-wing tail fins
  • 1965 – Single-model annual sales record broken at 1,046,514 sold
  • 1971 – Introduced 4-Door Sport Sedan for $2,769 and convertible model for $2,704
  • 1986 – Production of Impala ceased and replaced by the Caprice
  • 1994 – Production resumed with “SS” moniker
  • 2020 – Chevy ceases production of the Impala

What Year is the Most Popular Impala?

The Impala has been a popular automobile throughout several iterations. What year is the most popular Impala? That depends on how you define “popular”. If we were to judge by sales numbers alone, the 1965 model broke the record (and still holds it) for single-model annual sales at 1,046,514 sold. But many collectors would point to the 1959 model year with its unique design and short production.

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