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The Stellantis Path to Electrification

Stellantis 4 EV platforms Diagram


For many Paris, KY and Lexington drivers who follow the automotive news, the plans for Stellantis electrification, and thus electrification for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and RAM models, may have come as a shock. For many years now, CDJR electrification seemed like a far off concept, as the Mopar quartet of automakers continued to capitalize on current technology. But the world rapidly changes, and under the Sellantis banner, all four of these automakers will be catapulted to the front row of the electric vehicle race. If you have any questions about how you can get your hands on one of these upcoming products, feel free to contact us! Let’s get into some of the details.



Starting Slow

Georgetown, KY and Louisville, KY drivers may know Dodge, Jeep, and the other CDJR brands as bastions for the enthusiasts who prefer the old way of doing things. While this might have had some truth to it in practice, the automakers themselves were simply content to continue developing their old formula, as successful as it was. But as electric vehicles began to prove to be increasingly popular, while environmental regulations closed in, it was clear a change was in order.

Gaining Speed

Starting with concepts like the Magneto, and mild hybrid setups like the eTorque electric boost system on the RAM trucks, Stellantis has begun integrating electrified powertrains into the lineup. So far, these have universally proven to be extremely popular, especially the 4xe plug-in hybrid Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. The hybrid systems add both power and efficiency, and despite the cost penalty of an extra powertrain, both vehicles rarely stay on dealer lots long.

Charging Ahead

In 2021, Stellantis unveiled the CDJR roadmap for electric vehicles. A ground-up series of platforms, ranging from small and lightweight unibody vehicles to full-frame truck platforms, will underpin an extremely rapid entry into the full-on electric vehicle market. By 2024 these platforms will be on the road, driving a new electric muscle car from Dodge, an off-roader from Jeep, and much more. Perhaps even more exciting is the announcement that before 2026, Stellantis intends on introducing a solid state battery vehicle into their production lineup. This technology is another generational leap beyond lithium ion batteries, dramatically increasing range while reducing charging times and weight.

Cincinnati and Winchester drivers have a lot to look forward to. Consider our car buying tips and online financing application to stay ahead of the game!


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