Benefits of Pre-Owned Vehicles

Why Buying a Used Car is the ONLY Way to Go

It should come as no surprise that buying a car is expensive. That statement grows in accuracy when you consider what it costs to purchase a new car. When you see the starting MSRP of a brand new vehicle, you might think that the price was lower than you initially thought. You get excited at the prospect of purchasing a brand new vehicle, but quickly realize that the MSRP will only get you barebone features.

Drivers want a lot out of their vehicles, and for good reason. Today, more than ever before, Americans spend more time in their vehicles on a day to day basis. Some individuals work out of their car, while others simply experience long commutes to and from the office.

Either way, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice what you want out of your car, just because of your budget. Lexington, KY car lots know that the secret to getting everything you want out of your next vehicle purchase, is buying it used.

Top Reasons to Buy a Used Car

All too often, used cars get a bad reputation. People think that “used” equates as bad, and that simply is not true. Sure, there are used cars out there that aren’t in the best shape, but they are the exception, rather than the rule. That unfair generalization leaves potential buyers unaware of the incredible value that can come from purchasing a quality pre-owned vehicle.

There are a TON of reasons why buying a used car, truck, or SUV is a great idea. We gathered our top five reasons to share with you:

More Bang For Your Buck

When you buy a used car, you aren’t paying for every extra amenity or line item, like you would if it were new. The original owner may have paid out the wazoo for the premium sound system and panoramic sunroof – but that doesn’t mean you have to. A lot of times, used cars come equipped with a lot of great extras, without costing the new owner an arm and a leg.


Any good used car dealership will provide you with everything you need to know about your new-to-you vehicle. They have done their homework on the car they are about to sell you, and have made sure that it has not been involved in any major accidents, and that it has not sustained any lasting damage. Most often, this seal of approval means that the used vehicle you are about to purchase, is as reliable as it was when it first rolled off the assembly line.

Lower Initial Cost

Aside from getting more amenities than you would with a new vehicle, you will also be paying a whole heck of a lot less than you would if you were buying the same car new.

Better Overall Value

As the saying goes, “A car loses it’s value as soon as it is driven off the lot.” This is not just a cute phrase, but rather the truth. Buying a brand new car is not an investment – that car will never be worth more than you paid for it. Instead of buying a more expensive version of a car that will never get you back the money that you initially spent on it, why not buy used. The value of the vehicle is closer to what you pay for it, and it will hold onto that value longer.

Lower Insurance Cost

Everyone knows that insuring your vehicle is mandatory. It is illegal not to have insurance for your car, and the more money your car is worth – the more you will pay to the insurance company. When you purchase a used car, the insurance will cost less, because it is not valued at the higher rate of a new version of the same vehicle.

Most of the reasons for purchasing a used vehicle, over a new one, is cost savings. From initial up front cost, to insurance – buying used will save you money. Not just at the car lot today, but for years into the future.

Get a Warranty on Your Used Vehicle

A lot of people hesitate when purchasing a used vehicle, due to the issue of warranty. For vehicles that are still within the manufacturer’s warranty program, that is transferable to new owners. A sigh of relief for some, but what about those who purchase an older used model, or one with a lot of mileage on the odometer?

Most reputable used car dealerships will offer an extended warranty on the used vehicles they sell. This not only says that the dealership is confident that the vehicle they are selling you is in good condition, but it also tells you that they are committed to standing by your purchase from them.

For those who refuse to purchase a used vehicle because they don’t think they will get a warranty, need to find a more reputable and honest dealership. It is extremely rare that a used vehicle can not have a warranty added to it, to help protect the new owners of that car, truck, or SUV.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign

Before you make the final purchase decision on your used vehicle, be sure to do some research. Taking an extra hour or two can make all the difference in your new-to-you vehicle purchase.

Ask the dealership you are looking to purchase the car from, for the VIN number of the vehicle. There are plenty of free online resources that will allow you to check that the vehicle matches the VIN number, and that it has not been in any major accidents.

Research to ensure that the price the dealership is selling the car for, is appropriate for the make, model, year, and included features. Buying used will always save you money over buying new, but it’s important to make sure you know what the market value is on the car you are looking to purchase.

Once everything checks out, sign the final paperwork, grab the keys, and drive home in your financially-responsible, quality, used car.