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    Why Should I Buy a Used Tesla in the Lexington Area?

    Tesla is a top-of-the-line option for an electric vehicle. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you should consider buying one used because:

    • Tesla’s have a great resale value. Because Tesla is such a trending car manufacturer right now, there is a large market of people trying to buy one. So, if you buy a used Tesla and decide down the line to sell it, you are likely to sell it for a great price.
    • Tesla has a wide Supercharger network. When you buy a used Tesla, it automatically knows where every Supercharger is located and can navigate you there, making charging simple.
    • Tesla’s have a low cost of operation. Because there is no need to get oil or transmission fluid changes, or other maintenance typical of an internal combustion vehicle, there is a lower cost of maintenance. There are also fewer moving parts, significantly reducing your chance of something going wrong in your Tesla.
    • Tesla’s have a bunch of awesome technology features. Like most Louisville drivers, you probably associate the Tesla brand with cutting-edge technology. Some of the awesome features in the Tesla include the huge infotainment touchscreen, the ability to control features through your smartphone, and Autopilot – all of which span back model years. If you want one of these features, you can probably find one while searching for a used Tesla.

    Where Can I Buy a Tesla in Georgetown or Paris, KY?

    If you are searching for a used Tesla, look no further than Dan Cummins Auto Group. We prioritize customer service, as made evident by our 6,000+ positive reviews, so you are guaranteed to have a pleasant buying experience. If financing is important to your decision, we have your back. We work with more than 70 banks to provide you with multiple lending options and help you find a payment that works for you. You can prequalify for the used Tesla of your dreams through our online financing application. Just call us at (877) 661-2805 or contact us here to start the buying process.

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