Best Chevy Sedans for Winter Roads


Winterreifen mit Eiszapfen


For Chevrolet lovers living in the more northern climes, Chevy ownership can be tough – as unmatched as the famed Camaro and Corvette are on the tracks in the summertime, they’re rendered essentially useless once the snow starts to fall, and fall, and fall.

Those who need their Chevy fix in the middle of the icy winter may find themselves wanting to feel the roar of a bowtie-emblazoned engine but unable to manage the conditions. However, while some of Chevy’s more impressive performance models may be summer-only vehicles, the 2016 model year seems to be bringing in more and more noteworthy sedans that appear more than capable of taking on whatever winter can throw at them.

Chevy enthusiasts looking for a winter car that won’t leave them stranded in the middle of a snow bank need look no further than these three new Chevy models available at Kentucky Chevrolet dealers. Each of these models offers a different driving experience to make winter driving not only possible in your Chevy, but enjoyable.


2016 Chevy Cruze Limited – Safe For Slippery Roads


Cruze Limited


Perhaps the main concern we hear from drivers regarding winter driving is safety. Consumers want to be sure that their vehicle will be able to protect them from the unforeseen accidents that lie in wait on icy patches in frozen streets. A good winter vehicle needs to not only be able to withstand the elements, but to also know how to predict and respond to changing conditions and other drivers before an accident occurs.

Chevy lovers need look no further for this kind of safety than the new 2016 Chevy Cruze. Boasting a host of safety features sure to keep you safe and steady on a winter road, the Cruze Limited might just be the best choice for a winter Chevy.

In the face of low-traction situations, like icy roads or slushy streets, the Cruze Limited comes standard with Chevy’s StabiliTrak Electronic Stability Control technology with Traction Control, which reduces engine torque and automatically applies carefully-calculated pressure to the individual front brakes to slow the vehicle and get it back on track.

Pair this with an available Rear Vision Camera, available Rear Cross-Traffic Alert and Rear Park Assist and there’s just about no angle that isn’t covered by the Cruze Limited’s comprehensive safety system. Thanks to these, you’ll be able to keep track of the space all around your vehicle, eliminating blind spots and reducing nasty surprises on already icy roads.

Boasting standard LED daytime running lights and available heated, power adjusted exterior mirrors, you can be sure you’ll see and be seen even in the murkiest, foggiest stormiest conditions to help avoid accidents before they happen.

And in the event of a crash, the Cruze Limited features standard three-point seatbelts all around with pretensioners, as well as ten standard airbags and lower anchors and top tethers for child safety seats to keep everyone safely in their seats during a collision. Plus, with a standard five-year subscription to the OnStar Basic Plan, you’ll have emergency help right away if the worst should happen.

With all of these safety features standard or available across the Cruze Limited, this vehicle is the perfect choice for the Chevy lover in need of a safe, solid winter vehicle. For those looking for a bit more fun in the snow, however…


The 2016 Chevy Malibu Limited – An Interior Like A Cozy Winter Cabin


Malibu Limited


Undoubtedly, there are those who do not face the same kind of overwhelmingly snowy, icy conditions as those in the more northern climates. If you are a hearty winter warrior who doesn’t worry about tons of snow buildup but still has to face the cold, then you might be more in the market for warmth and comfort than sheer snow-handling capabilities.

If so, consider the new 2016 Chevy Malibu Limited for your next winter Chevy. This legendary model has come into itself with this new 2016 model, boasting some of the most comfortable and driver centered amenities ever seen on a Malibu. With all of this available, you’ll feel more like you’re sitting cozy in a ski lodge than on the road.

It’s not just the 3.6L V6 engine’s 305 horsepower or the slew of safety features, including Brake Assist technology for panic and sudden-stop situations, that make the Malibu Limited such an impressive sedan for the winter, but also its seemingly unwavering commitment to providing a completely luxurious driving experience in any condition, and on any road.

Take, for instance, the Malibu Limited’s available dual-zone climate control and heated, adjustable front seats, guaranteed to keep you safe and comfortable during long, cold car rides. Standard interior lighting helps you keep your gloves and scarf easily accessible in the illuminated compartment, while available accent lighting in cool Lightning and Ice Blue gives that icy-blue look to go with the wintry exterior outside.

Add in the Malibu Limited’s standard coat hooks to keep your winter gear organized and the all-weather floor mats to protect your interior and you’ve got a car that can handle even the roughest winter driving. Boasting a standard remote starter to get your car toasty on those frigid mornings and an automatic tire pressure monitor to alert you of any cold-weather deflations, the Malibu Limited is a surprisingly excellent winter Chevy.

Although these models will each deliver in terms of comfort and safety, there are still those who really need the power to overcome just about anything – and Chevy has one more trick up its sleeve to do just this.


The 2016 Chevy SS Sedan – Performance To Power Through Slush


SS Sedan


The Chevy SS Sedan exemplifies extreme Chevy power in a performance model and, while not normally associated with winter driving, this model actually features many of the great safety and interior features of other Chevy sedans with the added performance upgrades of a high-performance Chevy model. This comes together to make a vehicle with all of the trappings of a great winter car – as unexpected as it may seem.

Boasting a standard 6.2L V8 engine with 415 horsepower, the SS Sedan certainly has plenty of power to push through even the roughest, slushiest conditions. And with standard all-wheel drive, you’ll find the SS Sedan can maneuver out of icy and wet spots that other models might find themselves stuck in.

Plus, with premium Brembo brakes paired with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, this vehicle promises great stopping power even in the face of slippery road surfaces. Although this model comes standard with summer-only performance tires, winter drivers can opt for winter or all-season tires to give the SS Sedan nearly everything it needs to handle the ice and snow of winter.

With a host of safety features like a heads-up lighted windshield display to keep you focused on the road, LED daytime-running lights, Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, StabiliTrak Stability Control, and Side Blind Zone Alert – among many others – the SS Sedan is plenty capable of responding to, and preventing, wintertime collisions. And with plenty of amenities on the inside like standard 4G LTE Wi-Fi throughout the cabin and heated, power seats, you and your passengers will be more than happy to be seated in a Chevy this winter.

Chevrolet definitely has a reputation for excellent performance and supreme luxury, and it looks as though the company is looking to expand this mentality beyond the summer months. With the new 2016 lineup, we can see several models more than suited for safe winter driving – and with these in mind, you might just find the right Chevy for this winter too.