Seven Best Used Cars for Urban Driving


2014 Buick Encore


While some of us city dwellers can rely on public transportation to get around, some “commuters” don’t have that luxury. Despite living in a large city, they still require a vehicle to get to their job. If you’ve recently moved into a large, busy area, you may have to pursue a used car to help you get around. This can be a rather stressful task, as you’re going to be seeking a ride that’s affordable, can manoeuvre easily in the city, and delivers excellent fuel economy.

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the best used urban vehicles below (with a hat tip to Kelsey Mays of When it’s time for you to final make that purchase of a used car in Lexington, Kentucky  you’ll know exactly what vehicles you should be targeting…


2014 Kia Soul




We promise we’re not opting for this vehicle because of the dancing hamster commercials (although, we certainly appreciate those ads). No, we’re choosing the 2014 Kia Soul because of its ability to manoeuvre around a city.

As Mays writes, the vehicle provides a number of convenience features (UVO multimedia system, heated seats and steering wheel, and panoramic moonroof) and high-class materials, making your wait in traffic bearable.

Of course, the vehicle is very affordable. A used 2014 Soul typically runs for around $12,000 to $15,000, and the cost of ownership will be kept low. The city fuel efficiency comes in around 24 mile per gallon, a spec that rivals other vehicle’s highway fuel economy!


2015 Honda Fit




A 2015 model is an excellent option is you’re seeking a vehicle for city driving. The used subcompact car comes in at less than $15,000 (which is a discount over the new model), and you know you’ll be getting a perfectly capable used car (considering the expected low mileage).

Of course, the vehicle has also been engineered to finagle those tight city turns. The large sightlines allow the driver to get a full view of their surroundings, and the LaneWatch side-view cameras only help with that perspective. The Fit also offers a roomy interior and solid drivability, and drivers will be surprised at the generous 52.7-cubic-feet of cargo room.


2014 Toyota Prius c


2012 Toyota Prius c i-Tech


You’re not going to receive a better city fuel economy than from this hybrid, as the Prius c offers an incredible 53 city mile per gallon efficiency. Plus, you won’t have to dish out too much money to secure this advanced technology, as a used 2014 model comes in at less than $16,000.

While driving in the city, the driver will appreciate the vehicle’s smaller dimensions, including the 157.3-inch length, 66.7-inch width, and the maximum 37.4-foot turning circle. These two factors alone make the Prius a vehicle worth pursuing.


2014 Lexus CT 200h




City drivers often don’t want to dish out the extra money on a luxury vehicle. Accidents are more prevalent in these areas, and you’re probably going to come across several car break-ins. Still, a luxury car is worth pursuing, especially when it’s as inexpensive as the Lexus CT 200h. A used 2014 model comes in around $22,000, an incredible price for a two-year-old luxury car!

The vehicle doesn’t offer a whole lot of speed, but the handling has been commended. Plus, being a hybrid, the Lexus delivers excellent city mileage, as the CT 200h comes in around 43 miles per gallon.


2014 Jeep Wrangler Two-Door


2014 Jeep Wrangler Willys Wheeler Edition


While the fuel economy isn’t the best on the Wrangler (coming in at 17 miles per gallon), the vehicle’s variety of other capabilities still makes it an excellent choice.

City roads can be tough on vehicles, but the Wrangler will be able to handle and overcome any obstacle you put in its way. This includes potholes, curbs, uneven payment… the Wrangler will drive through it with zero difficulties. Plus, with the increased potential of an accident in the city, you feel comfortable knowing your vehicle is durable and capable of overcoming any minor collision.

A used 2014 model comes in around $23,390, which is an incredible price considering the brand and the nameplate.


2014 Buick Encore




This vehicle may be a bit larger than what you were imagining, but it’s still proven to be an excellent choice for city driving. The Encore is still relatively small, as it measures smaller than your standard compact SUVs, but it still provides all of the cargo room you could possibly want. Despite the smaller size, the Encore still provides the driver with a high seating position, meaning they’ll have an excellent view of that busy city road. Plus, when bad weather hits your city, you know that your Encore can blast through any snow pile with the help of the vehicle’s front-wheel drive capability and turbo four-cylinder engine.

Of course, since you’ll be purchasing a Buick, that means you’ll also be able to appreciate all of the brand’s luxury and comfort features. Luckily, it’s not going to cost you a whole lot to acquire these amenities, as a used 2014 Encore starts at less than $25,000. If that’s a bit out of your price range, remember this: the 25 mile per gallon fuel efficiency is going to save you money in the long run.


2014 Scion iQ




You’re probably not going to find a much smaller vehicle, but that’s actually perfect for city driving. Coming in at more than 2.5-feet shorter than the Mini Cooper Hardtop, the Scion iQ is capable of fitting into practically any city parking space you come across.

Predictably, the vehicle also delivers excellent fuel economy (36 mpg). Plus, with a base price of around $15,000, you’re not going to find a more affordable option out there.


There are a variety of options for you to choose from, and they also offer their own specific features and amenities. However, they each possess the three attributes we prioritized from the top: affordability, maneuverability, and fuel economy. Therefore, no matter which option you go with, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with your decision.