These Used Chevys Make Great Farm Trucks




Nobody understands the need for a good, reliable pickup truck quite like a farmer. In rural areas across the country, farmers wake up every morning with a full load of hard, heavy work on their plates – and they know that the only way to get it done is with a strong, durable truck. And when a farmer who knows his or her stuff goes out looking for another pickup to help around the farm, they know to choose a used Chevy truck.

Whether you’ve noticed one of Chevy’s many excellent truck models while perusing used cars in Lexington, KY or you’ve simply always had your eye on one of these excellent pickups, now is the time to start looking into what you’ll be buying for your next farm truck, and why a Chevy is probably the best option for you.

Here’s a quick look at some of Chevy’s excellent used truck models that would make a great addition to any hard working farm. Take a look, and you might just find that truck that’s exactly the tool you’ve been looking for.


A Classic: Chevy Advanced Design




When it comes to iconic farm trucks, few models truly fit the classic image like the Chevy Advanced Design. First released back in 1947 and popular for almost a decade, the Advanced Series features the original horizontal grille slats, sleek, rounded wheelbase and bold sheet metal exterior that make the iconic farm truck look.

Plus, with half-ton, three-quarter ton, and full ton options available, this truck could handle just about every task around a small farm you could need to get done. And while this likely isn’t the truck you’ll be choosing for your modern farm (unless you’re a serious traditionalist), it’s a really cool looking classic model and set the design for many of the Chevy trucks and cars to come after it.


Chevy LUV




Born as a light utility vehicle and notably upgraded for the modern driver, the Chevy LUV – an acronym for Light Utility Vehicle – was created as a vehicle for drivers who wanted more speed and more maneuverability on the worksite than was previously available in a Chevy truck. Boasting a smaller frame and better handling than its larger predecessors alongside a still-impressive V8 engine, the LUV offered something no other Chevy had offered up until this point: a small, manageable, but still powerful pickup for the average consumer.

As far as farm trucks go, few have proven themselves as capable over time as the LUV – and although replaced later by heartier, more efficient Chevy trucks, the LUV still offered a great ride at an efficient fuel economy without all the bells and whistles you’d find on a modern vehicle.


Chevy C/K




For nearly forty years, Chevy had just one full-size pickup that helped carry the brand through not only the last half of the 20th century but also helped ring in the new millennium still strong after decades. This, of course, is the ever-impressive Chevy C/K truck model.

Although designed and marketed as a “light duty” truck, this full-size pickup still packed a mean punch both on the road and off it. By the time it was retired in 2002, the C/K boasted an amazing 8.1L V8 engine, capable of an astounding 340 horsepower and 455 lb-ft of torque – enough to tow up to 8,500 lbs, or your biggest load of cargo, with no problem.

As far as full-size pickups go, few have proven themselves as durable and capable as the Silverado C/K. With plenty of impressive power and a record for lasting over the long haul, this truck is one of the best Chevy has ever developed – until its replacement by the ever-impressive Silverado.


Chevy Silverado




As a direct offshoot of the C/K, the Silverado carried much of the same power and durability seen in its predecessor into the next decade – only with significant upgrades to power and amenities. By adding on to an already excellent model, Chevy was able to create the pickup powerhouse that is known today as the Silverado.

First billed as a “high-performance” pickup at its release in 2003, the Silverado featured noticeable upgrades from the C/K, including a four-door extended cab and power upgrades like Active Fuel Management and, later, a hybrid mode to help increase both power and efficiency in this new model.

Popular right up until today’s impressive 2016 Silverado, which boasts a standard 4.3L V6 engine capable of a best-in-class 305 horsepower at an impressive 24 miles per gallon highway – certainly enough power to get just about any job done on the farm, and then some.


Chevy S-10




Of course, not everybody is in the market for more power; in fact, some want a more manageable truck that is both physically smaller and more focused on comfort and accessibility than pure power. If you find your farm truck lineup is just fine on power but lacking in the basic amenities that make modern trucks so efficient and enjoyable, then you might want to consider a classic Chevy S-10 compact pickup.

Designed as a smaller, higher-performance pickup compared to the powerful C/K model and meant to replace the LUV, the S-10 boasted a smaller frame and engine, which naturally pushed out less power but operated with better fuel efficiency. For many rural farmers, this drop in power was not enough to discount the S-10 as a viable farm truck, while the improved fuel economy promised bigger savings in the long run – and the S-10 delivered these in full, offering everything from a gas engine to an all-diesel and even electric drivetrains for the eco-conscious operators.

Designed as a light, affordable pickup for the modern farmer, the S-10 offered the best choice for those who weren’t interested in all the raw power of the C/K or Silverado series for nearly twenty years – before being replaced by the even more impressive Colorado model.


Chevy Colorado




If you find your farm truck lineup is just fine on power but lacking in the basic amenities that make modern trucks so efficient and enjoyable, then you might want to consider a used or new Chevy Colorado.

With a name that evokes the rough and rocky American West, the Colorado offers all the power and amenities a modern driver would look for combined with all the power a tough working American needs to get the job done – and all with an eye for ever-increasing fuel efficiency.

Boasting an available 2.8L diesel engine capable of an impressive 369 lb-ft of torque and a maximum towing capacity of up to 7,700 lbs – all at an amazing 31 mpg highway – the Colorado is certainly able to deliver both on the farm and on the road, all without needing constant fill-ups. That means you’ll be spending more time in your Colorado working and less time filling up at the pump.

For the modern farmer, with all that hard work and changing agriculture that requires near-constant attention, having the right truck for the job can be a valuable asset that can make regular farm work much more possible on a day-to-day basis. If you’ve been in the market for a new truck that won’t let you down and won’t break the bank, look no further than these excellent used Chevy models.