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There are a few good reasons you’re on the hunt for Lexington used cars right now, instead of browsing for new cars: you want to save money, you’re on a budget, and you know used cars can be just as reliable as new cars.

But what are some other reasons to buy used over new, and what about the dealership you choose to do business with? That’s oftentimes just as important as the car itself. Here’s what you need to know about the benefits of buying from a Lexington, KY used car dealer, and why Dan Cummins Chevrolet should be the first dealer you come to see:

Why Your Next Car Should Be Used

The savings you get from a used car really needs to be detailed, as you may still think that buying new is a good choice just because it’s only a few thousand dollars more. That would be a mistake, and here’s why:

Skip the Initial Depreciation Hit

A new car’s depreciation begins the moment you take ownership and doesn’t slow down for years to come. New cars lose between 30-50% of their value in the first three years. That means before you even hit 50,000 miles your $30,000 new car is worth somewhere around $17,000-$18,000 on average.

That bad news is your good news if you’ve made up your mind and decided to buy a used car in Lexington, KY, though. Three years is not a lot of time, and 35,000-50,000 miles is nothing on modern cars, which are built to easily go 150,000 miles or more.

If you want an even better value, a car five years or older has had its depreciation slowed to a crawl after those initial years of ownership. And with the incredible selection that Dan Cummins Chevrolet offers Lexington, KY used car buyers, you can find plenty of low-mileage, one-owner gems that are true bargains.

Another perk of the limited depreciation seen on used cars is that you lose less money when you’re ready to sell it. This means you not only save money upfront but at the very end as well. Can used cars get any better?

Upgrade to a Higher Class, Get More Features

On top of the incredible savings offered by Lexington, KY used cars, there’s also an incredible value. Where you normally might be limited to a certain type of car with a certain amount of features due to a budget, buying used gives you the option to upgrade to a higher class of vehicle, such as a luxury sedan or SUV, or simply upgrade to a premium model with features like navigation, sunroof, and heated seats.

You’d be amazed at the number of extras you can find in a three-year-old premium used car that actually costs less than a brand new base model. Which would you rather have?

Lower Registration Fees

When you buy a car in Kentucky, the more car you buy, the more you pay when you register it with your local county clerk’s office. So that brand new base model SUV that cost you $30,000 will now cost you an additional $1,800 thanks to the state’s 6% usage tax. That probably wasn’t calculated into your budget, was it?

Buying used means you not only save money at the beginning and end thanks to depreciation, but it also means you pay less in registration fees.

This is known as a win-win-win situation!

Choose Dan Cummins Chevrolet for Used Cars in Lexington

Dan Cummins Chevrolet has been a family-owned Lexington used cars dealer for three generations, spanning nearly 60 years. With humble beginnings, Dan Cummins has grown from a small-town dealership in Northern Kentucky to one of the biggest dealerships in the state, selling more than 500 vehicles each and every month.

If you want to buy from the best of the best Lexington has to offer, here are a few reasons to choose Dan Cummins Chevrolet:

Largest Selection of Used Cars in Lexington, Kentucky

Most dealers host up to 150 used cars on their lots at any one time. Some are able to provide their customers with up to 350 used cars. But none can match Dan Cummins’ selection of over 500 used cars that frequent our lot each and every month.

Because of this, we’re able to offer a level of variety that other dealers only dream of matching.

Our Inventory is Truly Unique 100+ Models from 25+ Makes

When you’re out to buy a new car, you’re limited to a few select vehicles in your price range from a few select segments. Once you take out the cars you don’t like, and those that don’t fit your lifestyle, you’re left with a handful that is actually obtainable within your budget.

When you choose to shop used cars at Dan Cummins Chevrolet, however, you’re entering a world of 100+ unique models from 25+ unique manufacturers. You’re likely to find at least 150 vehicles in your specific price range, many of which would normally be out of reach if you chose to buy from a new car dealership.

This freedom to choose really brings excitement to the car buying process, as you can go with the safest, most cost-effective route, or choose to buy a vehicle that ups your status, such as a premium or luxury car.

Product Specialists are Here to Help

With a full staff ready to help you upon arrival, you might be shocked to find that we’ve squashed the word “salesperson” from our collective vocabulary. It’s not that we think it’s a bad word; it’s just that we feel customers are less intimidated by the car buying process when greeted by someone who isn’t looking to push or pressure you into any sale they can get.

At Dan Cummins Chevrolet, we call them “Product Specialists.” They’re trained, passionate people who love helping customers find exactly what they’re looking for. They share our goal of seeing satisfied customers who will be back when they need another vehicle, or simply need regular service and maintenance.

Quality Inspections on Every Used Car in Stock

When we take in a Lexington, KY used car via trade or auction, it gets subjected to a rigorous inspection process that will allow us to service and repair the vehicle to its best working condition before we put in out for sale.

We want used car buyers to know they’re buying a great, reliable vehicle that isn’t going to fall apart the second you get drive it off of our lot. If you have any questions about this process, give us a call or come in and talk with one of our amazing Product Specialists.

Flexible Financing Options

One of the biggest hurdles for many Lexington used car buyers is securing financing once a decision is made on which used car is best. At some dealerships, you might go through the entire process only to be turned away.

Dan Cummins hears stories about that experience from bad credit car buyers across North Kentucky, and understands the issues of trying to secure good, fair financing with a low or subpar credit score. Our finance team will work with you and a group of outstanding lenders to find a loan that will allow you to get the car you need without waiting!

Great cars, incredible service, and outstanding financing is what you can expect when you do business with Dan Cummins Chevrolet.