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    Used Hondas in Paris and Georgetown KY

    If you are looking for a used Honda in the Lexington area, you should stick with the best dealership in the area – Dan Cummins Auto Group. With more than 5,000 positive customer testimonials, a lifetime powertrain guarantee on most vehicles, and one of the largest selections of used vehicles in KY, you will find a Honda you love at Dan Cummins.


    Why Buy a Used Honda?

    There are many reasons you would want to purchase a used Honda, instead of a new Honda. Here are 3 reasons why buying a used Honda at Dan Cummins is a great idea:

    1. Used cars are less expensive. If you’ve been searching for a used Honda with specific features, it is likely you can find one used with those features for less than buying a new car with the same features. Picture this: you are looking for a specific sound system, but all the new cars that have that sound system are out of your budget. Then, you start looking at used cars, and you find one with that sound system, at a much lower price. Problem solved!
    2. There will be less depreciation. As you’ve probably heard a million times by now, as soon as you drive a car off the lot, it will depreciate. As worn out as that saying is, it is true. Most new cars lose 40 percent of their value in the first year alone. Used cars don’t have this problem. By the time you purchase a used Honda, it has probably done most of its depreciating, taking the stress of depreciation off your mind.
    3. You can do more research. When you buy a used Honda that’s a couple years old, you have access to years of buyer reviews. This can help you make an informed buying decision. When you buy a new car, you don’t have this same advantage.


    If you’re convinced you want a used Honda, come visit us at Dan Cummins. You can start the buying process by contacting us here or calling us at (877)661-2805. If you want to make the process even quicker, fill out our online finance application to get pre-qualified before you come in.

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