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    Why Should You Buy a Used Hyundai?

    With a lineup that offers stylish SUV’s, sedans, compact crossovers, hybrid, and fully electric options, it’s no surprise you’re looking for a used Hyundai in the Lexington area. From the electric Hyundai Kona to the popular Hyundai Sonata, Hyundai’s are an affordable option for a used vehicle. Let’s look at some other reasons that buying a used Hyundai in Paris or Georgetown, KY is a great idea:

    • You’ll have more options. Imagine this – you really love a Hyundai’s body style from two years ago. But, when you go to buy a new one, you find out they redesigned the entire exterior of that model. Instead, you find a used one from the year that has the body style you love, with only a thousand miles on it and no issues. Problem solved – you got your dream car, at a lower price, with no issues! When you buy a new Hyundai, you are limited to the options that Hyundai releases that year. When you buy used, you can pick from multiple years’ lineup, giving you more trims and models to choose from.
    • You’ll have less stress about damaging your car. You know the feeling when you buy a new car, freshly painted and detailed, with no imperfections? That feeling comes with the stress of keeping the car in pristine condition. Although you’ll try to keep your used Hyundai in good condition, you won’t be as stressed about the resale value, so it’ll be less of a worry.
    • You’ll get lower insurance rates. Because insurance companies charge more for higher-priced cars and used cars have already experienced most of their depreciation, you will get lower insurance rates if you buy a used car instead of a new one.

    Where Can I Find a Used Hyundai in Kentucky?

    As you can see, buying a used Hyundai in Paris or Georgetown, KY is a great idea. Start your search with Dan Cummins to get amazing customer service and a lifetime powertrain guarantee on most Hyundai’s. If you can’t find the Hyundai you want, check out our Vehicle Finder Service, where you just fill out the Hyundai you want, and we do the rest of the searching.

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