Car Lots in Lexington, KY


There are quite a few car lots in Lexington, KY, but there is only one Dan Cummins!

For years, we have been known as the dealership that truly loves selling cars. It’s easy to see that we are quite good at our mission partly because of our loyal customer base in the Lexington and Paris area who trust us above all others to provide quality service, incredible prices, and a quality vehicle within their budget.

When you take a walk through our car lot you can see the difference.

First you will notice that we have more used vehicles on our lot than other used car lots. Part of the reason we have so many pre-owned vehicles is because we are the first choice in Lexington for customers looking to trade in their vehicle for something new.

As a premier new and used car dealer, we know that we need to have plenty of vehicles on our used car lot to choose from so we work hard to acquire many makes and models from trade-ins to high-quality cars we get through auctions. Rest assured, you will find the exact vehicle you are looking for when you visit the Dan Cummins car lot.

Our car lot is one of the first things you notice when you visit Dan Cummins Chevrolet on 1020 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd in Paris, KY. If you need directions, we do have directions in the About Us section of our website.


How do we keep our car lot so clean and organized? The unsung heroes of a car dealership are – Lot Attendants.

What exactly do our lot attendants do? Well, it’s a lot more than just driving shiny new cars or unique pre-owned vehicles around and hanging sold or price tags on them. Sure, there is a little buffing, a little balloon tying, a little tidying up. But it is harder than it looks.

Take a look at a typical day here at Dan Cummins Chevrolet. A dealership is a busy place! You’ll see lots of lines of shiny new and used cars. What you might not notice is in the back of the dealership. That is where the magic of the service department happens. Our lot attendants are moving things around at a quick pace getting fixed cars into the bays or moving cars that have completed being serviced.

It’s funny, but one of our attendants came up with the best analogy ever. For him, the parking lot is a giant old school game of Tetris. You remember that game. The object of the very popular video game was moving various blocks to form perfect lines. The used car lot is a lot like that. You wouldn’t think so, but all those cars have to be continually re-slotted.

Why? Well, customers have to get to their car easily and they have to have somewhere to park. Also, new cars are always arriving so where they will be parked is always being factored in. The dealership only has so much room and we want all of the cars to be highlighted. Like we say, it’s a big job with a lot of movement every single day.


Pull the plastic!

When you look around the lot here at Dan Cummins you will see a large variety of used vehicles. You will also see plenty of new vehicles as well. Again, neatly parked, shiny, and ready to be bought.

Do you know that when we get a new car from the factory they do not look quite the way they do on the lot? Yup, you guessed it…more work for the lot attendants.

When a new car arrives from the factory, new cars are covered in plastic and stickers. Lots of plastic….and lots of stickers as a fact of fact. They are needed to protect finishes and fabrics. As you can imagine there are a lot of things that can happen to a new care while being transported from the factory to being parked on the lot. Plastic covered the doors, hood, trunk, and event the wheels. It can take at least 10 minutes per car during the “pull plastic” phase until it is ready to be on the lot.

Luckily, for used cars found on car lots there isn’t the need to “pull plastic” but they have their own set of criteria that they must go through.

Every car in the used car lot needs to be cleaned up and shined up. That means it goes through recon and detailing. When Dan Cummins Chevrolet makes a promise that you will love all the cars in our used car lot we mean it. Every used car will look sharp as new.

Our auto reconditioning separates the men from the boys. We ensure that the vehicles we take in on trade are running well and look almost brand new before we offer them for sale.

The service department will go over every inch of the vehicle mechanically and then we will thoroughly detail and recondition it before potential customers even have an opportunity to kick a tire.
So, as you can see there is a “lot” that goes on behind the scenes at car lots in Lexington KY. Not all of them are the same. Some smaller lots do not offer some of the services that come standard with every vehicle purchased through Dan Cummins Chevrolet.

We highly encourage you to take a look around our car lot. Notice how busy are lot attendants are. Take a look at the incredible detailing that go into each and every vehicle.

We feel you will see the difference.

You will see a cleaner lot then others, more attention to detail, and a dedication to our customers that will be hard to find with other dealerships in the Lexington, KY area.

When it comes to premier customer service, the best selection of new and used vehicles, and top notch customer service you need to experience the difference at Dan Cummins Chevrolet.