Top 8 Ways to use Your Silverado

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Used trucks have a lot of uses. It was one of the reasons you chose a used Chevy Silverado as your daily driver. You couldn’t wait to drive it home and put it to work. But after a few weeks, you’re starting to wonder just what you can do with your new Silverado.

Read on to see the top 8 ways to use your Silverado.

used trucks, Chevy Silverado

Using your own truck to move can save you money.

1. Movingused trucks, Chevy Silverado

You’ve finally done it! After years of saving you finally have your first home. You can’t wait to get your keys and move things in. So you do what every new homeowner does: look up moving companies. Within five minutes you have zillions of results and you’re no closer to choosing a company.

One company says they’ll charge by the hour. Another says they’ll charge by the box. How do you know what’s cheaper? You’re about to pick a company randomly when you realize something.

“Duh! I have a used truck! I can do it myself in no time!”

Because of your Silverado’s large truck bed, you moved into your new home within a few trips. Plus, since you’re moving things yourself, you can pack your truck how you like.

2. Help Friends Moveused trucks, Chevy Silverado

Your friend’s daughter is about to start college and you couldn’t be more excited for them. It’s a new phase in their life and you know it will be a happy one. Until your friend come to you with a problem.

“We’ve hit a moving day snag. We thought we could fit everything in our cars, but my seats won’t fold. May we borrow your truck, just for a day?”

If this were any other car you’d probably say no. However, since it’s a sturdy Silverado you know it can handle moving into college and more.

used trucks, Chevy Silverado3. Antique Shopping

Has this happened to you? You’re out at your favorite antique shop when you spot something you’ve always wanted: an art metal desk. It could use a little paint, but it’s otherwise in great shape. You’re about to purchase it when you found out they can’t deliver!

Before you had your used Silverado this would have been a huge problem, but now that you’ve got one, getting the desk home is easy. The best part is that now that you have a Silverado, no matter what gems you find when you go antique shopping, you’re always prepared to take ’em home.

4. Become a Roadieused trucks, Chevy Silverado

Back in the day, a roadie was anyone who helped unload and set up a band’s equipment. Now the term has gone electronic. Roadie is a website and app where people can request deliveries of things they need. It works like this:

Say you’re going to visit a friend an hour or two away. Roadie will connect you with a package that needs to go the same direction as your friend’s house. You’ll take five minutes to drop off the package, visit with your friend, and make some extra cash along the way.

used trucks, Chevy Silverado

Used trucks are perfect for lawn care businesses.

5. Dump Runsused trucks, Chevy Silverado

It’s spring and you’ve got the spring cleaning bug. You’ve tackled the bathrooms, bedrooms, closets, and even your den. You’re amazed at all the stuff you’re getting rid of.

“Wow,” your spouse says. “Look at all this space! We can do so much in here!”

“Not quite yet,” you say, pointing to the mound of stuff in the corner. “Still need to get rid of this stuff.” That’s when you recall you have a used Silverado! You can easily drop these items off at the dump in no time! As you’re loading up your used truck a neighbor comes by.

“I hate to ask,” they say. “But we’ve been needing to run by the dump for weeks. I’ll throw in a case of beer if you help us out.”

You’re hesitant at first, but with how much space your Silverado has, everything fits perfectly! You can dump off your neighbor’s stuff, yours, and get a case of beer out of the deal. All because of your used Silverado.

6. Lawn Care

You’ve just come home from college ready to relax when you realize you need a summer job. Your parents had reminded you for weeks that you needed to do something, but it slipped your mind. How could you focus on that with finals coming up? But now that finals are over, you need to find something. But what? That’s when you remember your friend’s lawn care business!

“He’s always looking for summer help,” you think. And with your trusty Silverado at your side you know you’ll be able to help big.

You could haul lawn tools and, since your cab is crew sized, you give your co-workers a ride to work now and then to save on gas. It’s a sweet win-win! All thanks to your used truck.

used trucks, Chevy Silverado7. Cleaning Service

You’ve always been a good cleaner. Other people recoiled at the thought of cleaning up large messes, but you dove right in. So when a freak storm blew through last night, you knew exactly where you’d be: out in the thick of it cleaning things up. And because you’ve got a Silverado you can clear away a lot. Sheetrock, old wood – anything the storm wrecked, you cleaned up. All because of your used Silverado.

8. Task Rabbitused trucks, Chevy Silverado

Need to make some extra cash but want a flexible schedule? Try Task Rabbit. With Task Rabbit people hire willing taskers to do a myriad of things, from putting together furniture and general handyman stuff, to moving apartments. And since you have a truck you will be in demand. Plus, you can work the hours you want and relax when you want.

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used trucks, Chevy Silverado

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