5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Used Car in Kentucky

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While paying a lower sale price for the same car model used rather than new is the obvious reason to buy a used car in Kentucky, there are others as well.
Buying a used car is a good way for a family on a budget to save money. Then, an owner can buy a used car, drive it and sell it with little loss in equity. Even so, all used cars are not created equal. As a consumer you should research the most cost-effective way to own a car.

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 Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

1. Investigate the Actual Market Value of a Used Car in Kentucky
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To start with, find out the actual market value of all cars you are considering. You can use an online tool at Dan Cummins to check their estimated prices. You can either search by brand name or body-style. Or you can enter the following information to start your research:
  • Type
  • Model
  • Manufacturing year
  • Distance covered
  • Condition of the car
You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong car for years, so do your research. An estimated price can be a base-line for your negotiation with the seller.

2. InsDan Cummins Chevrolet & Buick, kentucky used carspect the Condition of the Car

The price of the car is dependent on the condition of the used car. Maintenance is the most important factor in Kentucky used cars that can make or break a deal.
Well-maintained cars are often more expensive, but upkeep is cheaper. This makes them popular with used car buyers. Look at the following to learn the condition of the car before buying:
  • No denting and damages on the body of the car.
  • Check for any repulsive smell or stubborn stains in the interiors.
  • The seats of the car must be comfortable and in good quality.
  • The wear and tear on the car tires.kentucky used cards, Used Car in Kentucky
  • Functional effectiveness of the car lights, seat belts, music system, and other accessories.
  • Look under the hood for assessing engine’s conditions and check for any leaks.
  • No crack on hoses or loose belts.

3. Go for a Test Drive

There is no other way to determine whether you like the car than going on a test drive. Get in the car and drive it. Test out all the features. Check these points to make a decision:
  • Test the brakes and clutch system. Listen for any grinding sounds.
  • Keep an eye on the car transmission as smooth transmission is a good indicator.
  • Check for any blue or white smoke from the exhaust.
  • Make sure all the amenities function including: power steering, center locking, and power windows.
  • Assess the music system for a comfortable fit with your lifestyle.
  • Verify if heating and air conditioning systems are operational.

4. Get an Expert Opinion

Get an expert mechanic to look over the car you are considering. A thorough inspection of the working and functional aspects of the car will help. Often, mechanics provide suggestions and recommendations to help you narrow down your choices. He can help you detect:
  • Any fluid leaks under the vehicle.
  • Reveal any suspension problems.
  • Engine performance issues.
  • Any problems with the body, frame or wiring.

A typical prepurchase inspection cost ranges from $100 – $200. Most dealership facilities will cover a detailed checklist to give you a validated report.


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5. Talk to Previous Owner/s

It’s always good to get information directly from the car;s previous owners.
  • Ask the previous owners and assess their authenticity.
  • Tell them what you are looking for in a car.
  • Check the vehicle history to see if the car has undergone serious repairs in the past.
  • Assess the level of maintenance based on how well-spaced the maintenance visits were.
  • Ask if there are any particular malfunctions.
  • Ask why they want to sell the car.


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