Go Desert Racing with the New Chevy Silverado Pickup Racer

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When you think of the Chevrolet Silverado, you think of a multi-purpose truck that takes you through all your traveling adventures. Whether hauling heavy equipment or taking a blissful drive into the gorgeous sunset with your loved ones, the Silverado can do it all.

The fantastic advantages of owning the full-size truck do not stop here. The latest 2020 Chevy Silverado receives sweet new race-prepped upgrades that let it enter the list of powerful desert racing trucks.

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Full-Size Desert Race Truck

Red SilveradoChevrolet, teaming up with Hall Racing, is bringing you the new desert racer 2020 Chevy Silverado. Hall Racing has earlier helped in putting together its smaller sibling, Colorado ZR2.

The new race truck Silverado now gearing up to join the off-road action and will compete in the 1200 Stock class racing of the “Best in the Desert” series, based in Nevada.

The new version is based on the LT Trail Boss Crew Cab model, Silverado’s top-level off-roading trim. This beastly truck takes the 6.2L V8 engine under the hood and 10-speed automatic transmission that ramps it up to 420 horsepower.

“The Silverado racer is the much-awaited truck for all Chevy lovers.”

The desert racing Silverado 1500 also sees significant changes made to the chassis and suspension and gets high-capacity dampers. The modified version comes equipped with beefier and better versions of spool valve shocks of the ZR2 and jounce shocks to protect it during bumpy rides.

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Ride the Beast on an Uncompromising Terrain

Chevy Silverado interiorsDuring the off-road racing series, the Silverado will be testing its new performance parts, just as the Colorado ZR2 has been doing in the past. The race-specific tweaks and changes being focused on the underbody and suspension firmly point to this.

As you make your way through the high desert, you realize these impressive and incredible features that are what make the new Chevy Silverado perfect for desert racing.

  • Skid plates for crucial mechanical parts
  • A long-travel suspension design
  • Front and rear jounce shocks
  • Bigger spool valve shocks
  • Better steering gear
  • Rear shock skids
  • Rear differential
  • V8 powertrain
  • 35-inch off-road tires (Trail Boss has 32-inch stock tires)
  • Higher Capacity Prototype Multimatic DSSV dampers
  • Safety equipment – catch rails and a racing harness

These modifications will no doubt make a roaring impact on the racecourse, giving a good competition to its longstanding rival, the Ford’s F-150 Raptor.

“Sweet new race-prepped upgrades let Silverado enter the list of powerful desert racing trucks.”

Overall Better Control

chevy-silverado BlueMotorsport is associated with high performance, better control, greater wheel travel, and improved ride safety. And Chevrolet enthusiasts believe the new and honed Silverado race truck can be the perfect street vehicle, on-road and off.

Chevy has already earned a big name in the famed racing series with its Colorado ZR2 racer. Colorado is one of the four among 434 pickups to finish all the 12 races of 2018 Best in the Desert series. And as the Silverado, its big brother, will compete this year, the expectations are massive.

Release Date

Set to be debuting at the Laughlin Desert Classic in the second half of this month, the Silverado racer is the much-awaited truck for all Chevy lovers.

However, the company has not yet announced the release date for the individual parts, special Silverado trims, or aftermarket accessories. The racing series will undoubtedly be a valuable testing ground for the future performance of parts and accessories of the vehicle.

“Chevy Silverado has always been a multi-purpose vehicle, and now it is a racing truck.”

Soon after the entry of the upgraded ZR2 truck on the race track, Chevrolet had offered a few new parts as accessories to owners of earlier ZR2 models. So, there is hope for eagerly awaiting consumers that Chevy will do the same with better off-road Silverado parts.

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